Visiting Friends at Christmas

Today has been very busy for Debbie & I as we’ve been visiting three sets of good friends all of whom live in the Merthyr valley where she was brought up.

First we dropped off our Xmas card at Terry and Linda’s house in Aberfan and while there I helped set up their Sky+ box to their router so they could get “catch up”.

Flushed with success we then made our way to Rose and Paul’s in Nelson where we were to join them for a full Christmas turkey dinner and pudding with their eldest son Matthew & partner Hayley who is expecting their first grandchild and their younger son Thomas who we happen to be godparents to!

They were responsible for putting us together 27 years ago on our blind date so we were delighted to accept!

Paul looking rather like Father Christmas…
Godson Thomas who took the photo above and is now a long distance lorry driver which makes me feel rather old

After dinner Paul showed Debbie & I a collection of photographs of Aberfan that the NUM had obtained after the disaster.  Given the large number of photos Paul let us borrow them and take them home for a decent perusal.

After saying our goodbyes we then headed off to Merthyr Vale baptist church for the Christmas carol concert that we attended last year to meet up with friends Terry, Julie and their children Ian, Adam, Kathy & James and various other family members.

We’d loved this service last year with it’s mix of communal singing and readings in English and Welsh – a very happy occasion again with Julie’s father Ken as usual on the organ leading the congregation musically.

After a refreshing cup of tea Debbie and I headed back to Abergavenny but stopped off to view Terry’s light show which lit up the sky and reminded me of the Christmas Vacation film!


Visiting Friends at Christmas

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