Never Too Old

Just a short blog today as a memory jog of good friends from last year’s cruise and turkey & tinsel holidays George and Thelma who visited us between Christmas and New Year 2016.

Apart from eating a delicious buffet lunch made by Debbie, my main aim was to “play” with my two Christmas presents from her with George!  She’d bought me two detailed model train engines to add to the starter train set given to me by forever friends Val And Glen earlier in the year.

For those not following the earlier blogs George is a retired railwayman.  He used to shovel coal on steam trains earlier in his career ,but graduated to driving diesel locomotives later on.  We always have a joke about him being based in Aberbeeg and going on the “pop” with his mates when younger.

Debbie had managed to get the two trains from the toy fair in Abergavenny’s indoor market before Christmas, a Jubilee class steam locomotive and a type 37 diesel, both of which George had worked on previously.

George is driving the diesel freight train with two coal trucks labelled as from Swansea 

I’m happy to report there were no accidents despite George picking up the speed as he got more confident!  The two locomotives don’t have digital chips but rely on the analogue button on the controller, but they are in perfect condition.  All I need now is a way to convert the landing on the second floor outside the den into a permanent railway layout…


Never Too Old

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