The Alphabetical Review of 2016

A is for Abergavenny, a great place to live

B is for Blorenge, which rhymes with orange

C is for CMV & our Astoria UK cruise and Christmas Carols with Julie & Terry

D is for Deri where we nearly lost Molly

E is for Eisteddfod or Easigrass (one created lots of mud, the other has banished it!)

F is for FFS (Forever Friend Sian!) married to Welsh Guard Alan

G is for George & Thelma in Blaina

H is for Helen & Andy or Hugo Emma’s hamster if you prefer!

I is for all the Islands we visited on our cruise Mull, Lewis, Orkney & Guernsey

J is for Josh, Emma’s boyfriend & James now an interim manager at Blue Cross

K is for Kirkwall where I saw the Royal Oak memorial

L is for Llanfoist, our great escape and Linda & Terry our friends in Aberfan!

M is for Mountain View our new home estate which is nearly complete

N is for Nicholls who supplied most of our new furniture, or Newport National Express stop that we’ve grown to know well!

O is for Orkneys where we bought vinyl singles…

P is for Pefkos on the island of Rhodes & Pen Y Fan which we climbed

Q is for for all the quizzes we won on our cruise!

R is for Rose & Paul who blind dated us in 1989 🙂

S is for Sugar Loaf we climbed on our second attempt, or Skirrid Fawr with its magnificent views

T is for “tinsel & turkey” a really great laugh

U is for Usk or should I say Molly’s swimming bath…

V is for FFV (Forever Friend Val) & Glenn who started my train set

W is for FFW (Forever Friend Wendy) & Phil and Weymouth our Xmas coach trip destination

X is for all those kisses I shower on Debs 🙂

Y is for next year 2017 when Alex & Emily get married

Z is for Edinburgh Zoo where the Pandas will meet Emma & Josh soon

So for my final blog of 2016 let me end by wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2017 from Debbie & I!

Top floor “man den”!


The Alphabetical Review of 2016

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