E. Wood RAF 1944 War Diary

This is the last of three diaries written by Flight Sergeant E. W. J. Wood RAF Observer service number 1384832 covering his World War 2 RAF service during 1942, 1943 & 1944.  The diaries for 1942 & 1943 have not yet been transcribed.

His parents lived at 73 Eton Road, Ilford, Essex and he was a keen photographer.

He starts this 1944 diary still based at RAF Catfoss on the East Yorkshire coast continuing his lengthy navigation and signal training.

Eventually he is posted to the Middle East leaving Portreath, Cornwall and flying to Cairo, Egypt via Rabat, Morocco and Tripoli, Libya. From Cairo he is posted to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) where he sadly contracts Dengue fever and hospitalised towards the end of 1944, with the plan to return him home via boat as soon as he is well enough sometime in early 1945.

Alas no 1945 diary has survived and so the final story of Mr Wood homeward bound has – for the moment – been lost in time.

January 1944

Tuesday 4th

OFE4 – 2.30 – good trip finished 20.30.

Wednesday 5th

3 Squadron flying cancelled.

Wednesday 12th

Stayed at York Hotel, Hull. Went to Three Tuns talking to photographer. Les & Stan & Jim Fletcher came in.

Thursday 13th

Left Hull 9.45 King’s X 3.45 PM train to Liverpool St. free with USA Officer – arrive home 16.25 – stayed in for evening sorting out kit.

Friday 14th

12.30 Holborn station George: went to lunch at Regent Palace – bought chess set, fishing spoons etc. from Wally’s cheque.

Saturday 15th

Went to Red Lion. Warning & heavy A.A. all clear in an hour.

Monday 17th

Went to office, saw E.R.R back from Lisbon but expects to go again soon.

Tuesday 18th

Packed bags & took them to station – went & saw George.

Wednesday 19th

Up at 6.30 caught9.05 from Paddington arrived Filton 13.50; not much of a place but good mess.

Thursday 20th

Weather bad went to Bristol merry evening.

Friday 21st

WX no good yet – Bristol again in evening.

Saturday 22nd

Nearly got off today kite went U/S – Bristol again.

Sunday 23rd

Left Filton arrived MM bags of mud – in hut with Jack & boys.

Monday 24th

Arrival forms etc. drew revolvers & ammo & all tropical kit – khaki battledress.

Saturday 29th

Went home in evening arrived home 2.15 AM – rail hold up by raid at Leytonstone.

Sunday 30th

Left home 1.15 arrived M.M. 8.0 PM; very glad I took opportunity of last few hours at home.

February 1944

Thursday 3rd

Left M.M. for P.R. arrived too late for briefing as would be off tomorrow. Very cold room – long way to Mess tried to light fire with Verey lights – bags of smoke no fire.

Friday 4th

Went to Redruth – quite a decent town went to pictures had a good meal.

Saturday 5th

John Slater & Roy Morgan, Jim Warriner on Squadron at Portreath.

Sunday 5th

Left P.R. 7.55 arrived Rabat 2.25 PM good trip & got a good room.

Monday 7th

Left Rabat arrived Benito. Room in good hotel jolly good food – changed £1 bought bottle of wine 80 Fr (8/-) quite good – walked round bazaar; bad stink!

Tuesday 8th

Left Benito arrived Marble Arch 14.00 flying over desert. Saw camels & Arab tents & burnt out cars & kites. Slept in tent. O.K. quite warm – climbed up Arch.

Wednesday 9th

Left MA 09.15 arrived Cairo 14.30 – got good tent, mess jolly good – found Dan & Taylor still here.

Thursday 10th

Up at 7.40 nothing to do so changed our money 97.5 Piastres to £1; collected kit from kite – had a good session on beer.

Friday 11th

Left Cairo West for 22 P.D.C. Passed through town – on guard from 6-8 with Jack – quite a scrounge – no beds – sleep on sand.

Saturday 12th

Took in laundry handed revolver in – met Truscott. John & Pat arrived today.

Monday 14th

Les Clarke & Stan Leach arrived today quite warm – had a cold shower.

Tuesday 15th

Got bed from Truscott who is posted. Jack got one also much better than a floor.

Wednesday 16th

Had few drinks in mess – scrounged extension for tent – also got a base as a table.

Thursday 17th

Applied for leave, given 7 days from tomorrow. High wind & sandstorm on guard 12.00-02.00. Had to get sandbags to hold tent extension down.

Friday 18th

Paid – left camp. 12.30 PM arrived Cairo. Job to get room – found one at Piccadilly Hotel 25 Pt. bed & breakfast.

Saturday 19th

Went to Pyramids & Sphinx very interesting tour. Saw show at YMCA RAF No 2 Dance Band.

Sunday 20th

Went round bazaar & Mosques with Abdul from Piccadilly – now staying at Hurricane House – 12 Pt. day full board. Had few drinks in Groppi’s.

Tuesday 22nd

Went for YMCA tour of River Nile – quite good. Went to Groppi’s then to pictures.

Wednesday 23rd

Went on YMCA tour to Memphis & Saqqara – very good saw old pyramids 4000 B.C. & burial chambers of sacrificial bulls – stayed in not feeling too good.

Thursday 24th

Went to Opera House saw “The Merry Widow” a good show.

Friday 25th

Paid Hurricane House 55 Pt. Arrived 22 PDC 16.05 – all have beds in our tent now.

Saturday 26th

On duty road patrol 15.00 – 18.00; what a bind!!

Monday 28th

Started ground school course – pay parade £5/-/-

Tuesday 29th

Went to Cairo had a bath & haircut; bought wrist identity bracelet 25 Pt.

March 1944

Tuesday 7th

Started to play bridge jolly good game.

Thursday 9th

Mess dance – everybody merry – good evening met Jeff Hinde. Jack nearly passed out.

Friday 10th

Went to pictures played bridge in afternoon.

Friday 17th

On special duty at Almaza airport checking identity of service personnel – easy job – good food BOAC canteen.

Monday 20th

On ground school all day – stayed in played solo.

Tuesday 21st

On special duties road patrol again with Harry.

Wednesday 22nd

Started 48 hr. pass – staying at Hurricane House room 12. Dummy run for tomorrow night. Put Jack to bed – Colin not much better.

Thursday 23rd

Colin 21. Hell of an evening went to the Fleurent at 10 PM put Jack to bed again.

Friday 24th

Went on YMCA tour of bazaars & Mosques jolly interesting. Stayed in – I got extension until Sunday.

Saturday 25th

Went to the Amein club & saw boxing match. Went to pictures in evening.

Sunday 26th

Had quiet day – left Hurricane House 9.0 after few drinks with Charlie arrived “22” 10.15 PM.

Monday 27th

Applied for leave – start after duty tomorrow for 7 days. Got off guard.

Tuesday 28th

Started 7 days leave – Pay £11.0.0 – staying at Hurricane House room 19 – had session in bar & went to Eden cabaret.

Wednesday 29th

Stayed in all morning had session in bar & went to Morocco cabaret, not so good as Eden.

Thursday 30th

Stayed in all day played solo in afternoon stayed in all evening.

Friday 31st

Went to Eden cabaret not so good – too sober to enjoy it!!

April 1944

Saturday 1st

Went to pictures saw “The Phantom of the Opera” – in evening went to the Eden another “evening”.

Sunday 2nd

Played cards in morning, very heavy session in bar – went to Eden – Colin & Jack in bad way – put Jack to bed – once again!!

Thursday 6th

Back to the old routine! Went to Helio baths in afternoon – good swim.

Friday 7th

Posted to Shallufa. Co leave tomorrow – went to Cairo scrounged sheet – back in camp at 8.45.

Saturday 8th

Up at 4.15 am left 22 @ 5.45 left Cairo 7.15 changed at Ismailia arrived Shallufa @ 16.00 good tent. Jolly good food & mess – went to pictures with Jack.

Sunday 9th

Day off sorted my kit out.

Monday 10th

Introductory talks by C.I., Flight Commander etc. 4 week course – went to ENSA concert quite good.

Tuesday 11th

Flying 09.30 – flew in shorts still too warm – hottest day yet – played bridge.

Wednesday 12th

Up at 7.30 flying 09.30.

Sunday 16th

Half day off. Went to pictures saw “One of our Aircraft is Missing” good film.

Thursday 20th

Flying 06.00 a bind after last night. Went swimming in Canal – hot walking there & back.

Friday 21st

Jack, Harry, Charlie & Dougie left at 10.00 am. Went swimming in Canal.

Saturday 22nd

Flying 06.00. Went swimming in Canal.

Sunday 23rd

Up at 7.30 flying 09.00 – no lectures today.

Tuesday 25th

Went swimming in Canal.

Wednesday 26th

Too hot to go swimming. Night flying scrubbed for heat, engines over heating.

Thursday 27th

Flying 7.30 am.

May 1944

Monday 1st

Went to Suez Bay on shipping visit – quite a good afternoon – played bridge all evening.

Tuesday 2nd

Compass swinging at 6.00 am for night trip tomorrow.

Wednesday 3rd

Not on tonight’s “do” tomorrow instead.

Thursday 4th

Night flare attack on cruiser – good fun.

Friday 5th

Moon path attacks on DD – jolly good.

Sunday 7th

Packing up for move back to Stalag 22.

Monday 8th

Left Shallafa 3.00 PM arrived 22 PDC 6.00 PM. Tent B8 – same as old.

Tuesday 9th

Went to Cairo, posted via BOAC to New Delhi!!

Thursday 11th

Letter from ERR asks me to look up John Drummond G/RO c/o BOAC Cairo.

Friday 12th

Phoned John Drummond (client of Esmond) & meeting him at Groppi’s tomorrow 16.30.

Saturday 13th

Met J.D. had few beers at Hurricane House then had dinner at Casino Opera Square with Colin – got taxi back at 12.45 am.

Sunday 14th

Stayed in all day – on guard – wrote home & ERR

Monday 15th

Weighed in kit BAOC, stayed in Cairo, night at Hurricane House. Phoned JD meet him tomorrow.

Tuesday 16th

 Stayed Hurricane House until evening met John Drummond, had dinner at Bystander – a good evening – back at 22 @ 02.45 am.

Wednesday 17th

Up at 3.30 am Cairo, on-board 06.05 – Bashrah 15.00, flying time 7.55 hrs, had 2 short stops.

Stayed at Shatt al-Arab hotel – fine room – a/c name CaledoniaShort C Class – good breakfast & lunch on board arrived Basra 15.00.

Thursday 18th

04.05 – 06.35 = 2.30

07.30 – 09.30 = 2.00

10.15 – 13.10 =    2.55

16.00 – 18.30 =  2.30



Arrived camp 20.15 in tents.

Friday 19th

Up at 9.10 filled in forms off all day, played bridge in afternoon, very warm!

Saturday 20th

Went to Karachi – quite a good town plenty to eat – saw half of film show – taxi back Rs 15.

Sunday 21st

Played bridge in afternoon & bingo in evening.in camp canteen, lost about Rs 5 in all evening.

Monday 22nd

Went to town bought cigarette case Rs 9.8 plenty of good things to buy – went to pictures – taxi back to camp.

Tuesday 23rd

Played bridge all afternoon & evening won Rs 2.

Wednesday 24th

Bought bush jacket Rs 14 (with badges & flash brevet)

Thursday 25th

Played bridge all afternoon & evening very tired.

Friday 26th

Posted to Ceylon – going by train in a few days – played bridge in afternoon wrote letter.

Monday 29th

Went to Karachi – had good feed – crab salad & sirloin steak.

Tuesday 30th

Stayed in played cards all afternoon & evening.

June 1944

Friday 2nd

Went to Karachi, had good feed – bought photo album – towel & pants saw “Phantom of the Opera” again.

Saturday 3rd

Stayed in camp – stuck photos in album.

Sunday 4th

Stayed in camp played bridge in afternoon & bingo in evening.

Tuesday 6th

Heard Second Front has started at last – met Joe Smith – just arrived out here.

Thursday 8th

Went to Karachi had last good feed.

Friday 9th

Left Karachi 07.30 filthy train as in Egypt – tinned rations – eat in railway restaurants.

Saturday 10th

Arrived Lahore 11.00 had shower – almost a mud bath – in same carriage arrive Delhi 08.00 tomorrow.

Sunday 11th

Saharanpur Junction for 2 hrs. arrived Delhi 12.30 had afternoon in town went to show & had good feed – same carriage – left Delhi 11.15 PM..

Monday 12th

Travelling all day getting near hills – rained all night.

Tuesday 13th

Passing through hills – not going to Bombay – straight to Poona grand scenery – like Rockies – afternoon in Poona good meal – saw mongoose & snake fight.

Wednesday 14th

Good scenery – arrive Madras 19.40 – left again at 20.10 in 3rd Class compartment & no dinner.

Thursday 15th

Changed to 2nd Class – good breakfast – arrived Thoothukudi 15.30 PM.   On ferry to Ceylon. stood in siding hours before morning.

Friday 16th

Arrived Colombo 11.15 am in a small mess. Went to Group filled in forms – went to show in evening.

Saturday 17th

Arrived 22 Sqdn in morning – Tassie here – good room with Dick, food & mess fine. 8 in from Colombo.

Sunday 18th

Nothing to do toady wrote letter. Went to pictures saw “49th Parallel” good show.

Monday 19th

Filled in forms, went for swim, grand fun large breakers. Went to pictures – George Formby in “South American George”.

Tuesday 20th

Saw C.O. getting some leave, in “A” Flight. Going up hills to Nuwara Eliya.

Wednesday 21st

Handed in 295’s. Packing for leave.

Thursday 22nd

Have 3 bottles of gin at Rs 6 each for our leave. Collected passes etc.

Friday 23rd

Left Colombo 06.35 grand trip – arrived Nuwara Eliya 15.45 room 103 Grand Hotel with Dick. Overlooks golf course.

Saturday 24th

Rained all day, played snooker, started on bottles of gin, went to show “Mad About Music”.

Sunday 25th

Stayed in all morning.

Monday 26th

Got bottle of Allsopp’s beer Rs 3!! Raining all day had game of monopoly & snooker.

Tuesday 27th

Fine day, walked around lake – 2 hours – got muddy – played billiards.

Wednesday 28th

Fine morning but stayed in.

Thursday 29th

Went for walk over tea plantation to top of Agatha’s waterfall – fine view from top.

Friday 30th

Last day – played snooker – bags of draught beer – had sleep in afternoon.

July 1944

Saturday 1st

Arrived camp 09.00 – gunnery course starts Monday morning – into bush on the 11th. Sorted kit – wrote home & ERR.

Sunday 2nd

Laid in until 10.30 am.

Monday 3rd

Start gunnery course not bad – hours 08.30 – 12.45 & 14.00 – 16.15. Went to show “They All Kissed the Bride”.

Tuesday 4th

Colin & Dick back from leave. Rooms at Vav. Now allotted arrived in Room 7 Block.

Wednesday 5th

Went to Colombo bought fishing hooks @ 50c.

Thursday 6th

Course getting a bind now – sent off kit & furniture to Vav, A.G. from George.

Friday 7th

Pay parade Rs 108 – Colin & Dick flew together to Vav – dummy a/c recognition test 18/30.

Monday 10th

Jim arrived at Rat today to join “217” – went to pictures with him.

Friday 14th

Left Colombo 6.45 PM arrived Vav 1.35 am found room O.K. – after falling over tree stumps – very noisy – frogs & animals.

Sunday 16th

Colin left for Rat to go on gunnery course.

Monday 17th

Drew Mae West, chute etc. Played bridge in evening, walked round lake in afternoon.

Tuesday 18th

Line from home – go on “48” tomorrow.

Wednesday 19th

Left Vav 08.30 lorry broke down – had 3 lifts before arrived at Colombo staying at Grand Oriental Hotel.

Thursday 20th

Shopping in morning met Colin in afternoon.

Friday 21st

Left Colombo 10.30 arrived Vav 17.15, G. O. H. bill @ 9.50 day – Rs 19.

Saturday 22nd

Slept all morning no work for me to do.

Wednesday 26th

Saw “Tunisian Victory” very good film.

Thursday 27th

A line from home.

Friday 28th

Dry, swim 10.30 am.

Monday 31st

Mack pranged – both OK except for cuts & bruises – kite a complete write off finished upside down. Lucky there was no fire.

August 1944

Tuesday 1st

2 letters from Harry Yorke – Charlie Dean killed. Harry now on 603.

Wednesday 2nd

“47” lost 2 kites on exercise one crew OK.

Thursday 3rd

Slim Burt & Russell pranged both OK. Swung & had to retract undercarriage to stop.

Monday 7th

Went to pictures – Rosalind Russell in “What a Woman” a good show – flying in morning first trip for 3 months.

Tuesday 8th

On standby in Ops room today – quite a bind.

Wednesday 9th

Judge Hardy arrived on detachment of 47 Sqdn.

Thursday 10th

Flying – 1 hrs formation – up at 6.0 am tomorrow just couple of drinks in mess.

Friday 11th

Received “missing” air letters from India (23 all told). Stand by for ASR Op all day – did not get off.

Saturday 12th

First op with 22 Sqdn – ASR sweep – 5 ½ hrs. – not a bad trip landfall 23.30 in S. ETA OK – no sighting or W/T heard.

Sunday 20th

Left Vav 10.30 rotten train journey.

Monday 21st

Arrive N.E. 15.15 in Grand 15.40 same room as last time 103 with Colin – 7 of us finished 3 bottles of gin!!

Tuesday 22nd

Joined golf club Rs 5. Had bags of beer – just made lunch – slept until 7.00 PM – had one of our bottles of brandy.

Wednesday 23rd

Played snooker very poor – bottle of scotch – beer.

Thursday 24th

Wrote line home – had beer in evening & another in bed.

Friday 25th

Climbed Mt Pedro – grand view from top – got soaked coming down. Played Bridge down 3980 points! Had bottle of beer in bed.

Saturday 26th

Felt bad – caught chill yesterday – had 4 bottles of beer – very good.

Sunday 27th

Had a day in bed with cold – got up for meals – had bottle of brandy felt much warmer.

Monday 28th

Weather poor today – stayed in all day – played snooker – had bottle of whisky.

Tuesday 29th

Left N.E. 11.30 – arrived Colombo 8.35 train late – rotten journey – got room at Bristol Hotel Rs 10.

Wednesday 30th

Up 8.00 went round shops – went to Rat saw Jim & boys – left Colombo 6.40 arrived Vav 2.00 am.

Thursday 31st

Up at 9.0 am – no work – no one at Flights – sorted out kit again.

September 1944

Friday 1st

Pay Rs 93.

Saturday 2nd

Went down to beach for day – grand for swimming had bags of fun – good open air lunch – left beach 5.0 camp 7.30.

Sunday 3rd

Church Parade 08.15. Saw show “Blithe Spirit” by Noel Coward – V.G. enjoyed it very much.

Monday 4th

Dental 14.00 2 fillings – saw Adj. about crowns – writing to Group – first parcel arrived – cards toothpaste etc. from India Command.

Tuesday 5th

No mail today – went to pictures – Deanna Durbin in “Hers to Hold” – quite a good show.

Wednesday 6th

Swung our a/c’s compass lined up L.D.R.

Thursday 7th

Air test on “H” NE407 all OK W/T 100%. Had few drinks in mess.

Friday 8th

Both Macs left – going to Colombo then 27 Sqdn.

Tuesday 12th

Dental 12.00 had scaling. Now finished flying on land. Navigation trip OK 4hrs. Left Vav 10.30 for jungle course.

Wednesday 13th

Arrived Colombo 07.30 left at 10.00 arrived rest house 11.20 – good bed for tonight. Had talk on jungle – went in jungle – shown leeches – how to make bed from chute & fire.

Thursday 14th

Up at 7.30 – down to river at 09.00 given bamboo raft & told to go 7 m down river. OK at first, had couple of spills – lost raft in bushes – picked up by Ron Kane – lost his soon after both of us on John Berry’s – finished OK. Back at rest house 12.15 – free all afternoon. Good meal at 5.00. Left at 5.50 given chute bed. Loaf of bread & tin of bully beef for 5 – taken in jungle & left – sleep there for night & make way to cross roads 12 m through jungle. Got huge fire going – all OK until 1.00 am – poured – out of hammock rigged them up above us near fire – set up rest of night brewing water making hot lime juice – soaking wet.

Friday 15th

Breakfast – 2 slices toast – filled water bottles caught rain – left camp dawn 06.50. Still pouring – crossed first running river – up to our waists – Co 027T sometimes on 260T & 070T – bags of leeches – OK until 11.00 felt dizzy – stopped when we got to road – others went for truck – 24 leech bites – 9 dropped out of shirt full – as large as top 2 joints of little finger. Back in bungalow 1.15 PM – covered course in 5 hrs 40 – before patrol was started.

Split in 2 parties of 5.

A = Fenton Wright B.G. Kane

B = Bretton Calderwood Berry Cook Self

Course 027 – 12 miles on paths & bash thru thick bamboo – old paddy fields 3 rivers – over 2 hills – trip gave plenty of confidence of getting through jungle with aid of compass.

Had talk in evening then shown some unarmed combat – very tired.

Saturday 16th

Up at 7.30 left rest house 09.20 – messing Rs 1.50 day bill Rs 8 with drinks – arrived Colombo 10.25 am – went shopping met Tassie – went to show saw “This is the Life”. Train left Colombo 06.40 PM.

Sunday 17th

Arrived Vav 03.00 in bed 04.15 up at 8.30. Did not go to Flight – played bridge in evening – wrote 14 page line home.

Monday 18th

Posted to “B” Flight moved all our gear – Crown thru – waiting for P.O.R.

Tuesday 19th

Given talk by Major on communications P – poor attitude taken. Martin, Glynn & John. Hull on boat – 1 crew going every month – Ralph Reader Gang Show.

Saturday 23rd

A-G firing – took off 09.00 – played bridge in evening.

Sunday 24th

4 ½ hr. navigation trip very rough – not too bad – used 1 W/V. for all trip of 250/12.9 OK.

Monday 25th

Not flying today.

Tuesday 26th

Standby – felt bad went sick in evening taken in – temp 103 degrees – have Dengue fever.

Wednesday 27th

Did not eat any food felt bad.

Thursday 28th

Felt bad – sick twice.

Friday 29th

Temp 102 degrees had bad headache – no food today – paid Rs 96.

October 1944

Sunday 1st

Moved from Vav to KKS 24 Field Hospital bed 3.

Monday 2nd

On full diet did not each much – started reading.

Tuesday 3rd

Temp still normal not eating.

Wednesday 4th

Started eating today food very poor – had X ray taken.

Thursday 5th

Good breakfast.

Monday 9th

Feeling OK but still have to stay in dock.

Wednesday 11th

Feeling OK – no treatment.

Thursday 12th

Beddones & Fawshaw went back to Vav. Put on Sulphonamide tablets – in bed again.

Sunday 15th

Taken off Sulphonamide tablets – 19 grains – feeling rather depressed & weak.

Tuesday 17th

Test OK yesterday – on vitamin B tablets & massage for neuritis in shoulder.

Wednesday 18th

Up patient today. Went for long walk along beach in afternoon.

Thursday 19th

Went for long walk along beach – cinema show – Arthur Askey not too bad.

Friday 20th

Went for swim at K.K.S. very warm. Had grand dinner at R.E.’s Sgts Mess KKS.

Saturday 21st

Put on discharge today waiting for Vav ambulance – played bridge.

Sunday 22nd

Not leaving on ambulance this morning.

Monday 23rd

Went swimming twice – leaving tomorrow morning – went to KKS mess for drink had to run for truck back.

Tuesday 24th

Up at 06.30 left 24 MFH at 07.50 arrived Vav 11.35 good to be back in Mess – Bernard Brown G HQ as A.C.P.

Wednesday 25th

Played Solo won Rs 3.90. Colin back from Colombo. Reported sick – went to Orderly Room for 295.

Friday 27th

Pay parade Rs 370 have Rs 420 (£32). 3 pals of Colin’s came to our mess – got to bed at 2.15 after putting Colin to bed.

Sunday 29th

Felt grim went to Bob’s camp at 11.30 – had good lunch at rest house arrived camp 18.30 caught train 11.30.

Monday 30th

Arrived Pog 05.00 had a meal caught train 10.30 arrived NE 17.00 in room 102 had a good bath.

Tuesday 31st

Grand morning walked through town – heard that Jack McCourt killed – B.G. badly burnt in prang – Major slightly injured.

November 1944

Friday 3rd

Went to Creighton Village NAFFI leave camp good beer played snooker had good party in evening.

Saturday 4th

Went to Creighton in morning.

Sunday 12th

Arrive Vav 02.30 am had cup of tea in mess up at 09.30 – Martin bought breakfast Wrote Xmas mail..

Monday 13th

Saw Doc – go to KKS 8.45 am tomorrow.

Tuesday 14th

Left Vav 9.45 am broke down on road – raining all the time arrive KKS 17.00 hrs.

Wednesday 15th

Saw Doc had rough check – X rays to be taken before board.

Thursday 16th

Midstream test not too good – went for walk along beach with John Cobb – played bridge in evening.

Friday 17th

X rays taken 09.30. Pay Rs 120 first on Indian rate.

Saturday 18th

Received mail & money from Vav.

Sunday 19th

Played Bridge all afternoon & evening.

Tuesday 21st

Played Bridge afternoon & evening – 2 beers – had blood test.

Thursday 23rd

Colin came on ambulance from Vav – stayed in ward for night – brought my mail & parcel.

Friday 24th

Colin went back to Vav – in dock for at least another week – new roof first on ward.

Saturday 25th

Played Monopoly – went to classical concert – Beethoven 6th (V) Symphony & Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto very good.

Sunday 26th

Lazing around – went to Church Service in morning.

Tuesday 28th

Sent dhobi down to Vav.

Wednesday 29th

Examined by Dr. Lockhart – Mummery – writing case & mail arrived from Vav.

Thursday 30th

Sqdn fully operational.

December 1944

Friday 1st

Write to Colin asking for book.

Saturday 2nd

Ambulance arrived from Vav no mail only papers – surgeon U/S for my “do” today.

Sunday 3rd

Went to Church Service.

Monday 4th

Put on Sulphonamide drugs again – 20 g. today – 10 g. a day after – at least getting somewhere now – played Monopoly in evening.

Tuesday 5th

Not feeling too good had rest in afternoon & layed around in evening – right ear feels stiff.

Wednesday 6th

Right ear aching this morning – mail from Vav. Advance party of Sqdn moved. Letter from George started pub in Norwich.

Thursday 7th

Ear aching on & off all day – cheesed, having them syringed tomorrow.

Friday 8th

Finish Sulphonamide course each tab .5 grams – 7 ½ grains – dose 2 every 6 hrs. with Soda Cit.

Sunday 10th

Went to camp service had ears syringed out.

Monday 11th

Mid stream – clear – cured of trouble once again, put letter on ambulance for Colin.

Tuesday 12th

Had morphine at 1.30 in theatre 2.00 – came to soon after 4.00 very sleepy.

Wednesday 13th

In bed resting all day feel OK now, just a bit tender.

Friday 15th

Pay day – month to draw now.

Saturday 16th

Got up in afternoon feel OK again now.

Sunday 17th

On table again tomorrow.

Monday 18th

Morphine 10.45 theatre 11.15 – felt better than Tuesday. Went to pictures in evening.

Tuesday 19th

Allowed up today – went for walk along beach – feel a bit weak.

Friday 22nd

Letter from Colin – off Sqdn strength – Colin moved now – mail from home. Crown P.O.R No 112/44 (Group).

Sunday 24th

Went to KKS for evening got bottle of gin – vermouth & hock for tomorrow – got lift back to camp.

Monday 25th

Fine dinner slept in afternoon – drunk our liquor – very happy.

Wednesday 27th

Put on another course of tablets M & B 760 1.5 grains every 4 hrs. Felt sick – 9 grams.

Thursday 28th

Dose reduced to 1 grain every 4 hrs. from 10.00 8 grams.

Friday 29th

Pay day – sick in afternoon – saw Jim Clare he pranged with Gee on take off on Sunday last. 5 grams (1 gram 6 hrs).

Saturday 30th

Ambulance from Vav no mail. 4 grams – (26 so far)

Sunday 31st

Maybe am on boat – yesterday’s midstream not quite clear. 4 grams.

January 1945

Monday 1st

Off treatment total 30 grams – M.S. not clear yet.


E. Wood RAF 1944 War Diary

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