Division of Labour

I’ve always believed that a successful marriage is one based on compromise by both parties!  My first marriage lasted less than a year and there was no compromise by either party at all, so hopefully I’ve learnt a good lesson going forward.

Happily my second (& most definitely last) marriage to Debbie has turned out to be a real success and even though like everyone we’ve had a few bumps in the road, I love her more than ever & she tells me the same!

It made me think about the “division of labour” in our marriage, where each of us specialises in something the other isn’t either particularly good at or dislikes, while making sure that we share as much as possible together.  So I thought I’d make the following list dear readers and given my scientific training see if I can spot a pattern to impart to others as the key to our success.


Drinks Campari & lemonade
Cries at the opening song of any Welsh rugby match song & will always vote for any Welsh contestant on TV no matter how bad
Supporting Tottenham Hotspur FC
Gave birth to three children
Cuts my hair, cuts her own fringe
Does 99% of the cooking
Does 99% of the washing up that doesn’t go in the dishwasher
Loads 90% of the dishwasher, unloads 70%
Does 100% of the ironing, loading & unloading of washing machine and dryer
Does 100% of the carpet cleaning using the Vax
Prefers advertised brands when shopping
Prefers to impulse buy when shopping but is in charge of the provisional shopping list
Own 90% of the clothes and wears only 30%
Happiest looking smart and wearing make up
Proof reads this blog post publication and inevitably finds grammatical and spelling errors each time
Watches 100% of soaps on TV, X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Big Brother
Makes the final decision on holidays & where we live
Made the great decision to adopt Molly our loveable Golden Retriever
Puts others first especially the children


Drinks stout, lager, bitter
Writes 100% of this blog
Supporting Manchester City FC
Reading biographies, JRR Tolkien, travel writing, Colin Dexter, John Mortimer
Does 1% of the cooking, possibly less, as only paella permitted and that was some years ago when forgot the recipe & it had to be chucked
Does 100% of the driving
Does 75% of the vacuuming with the Dyson
Unloads about 40% of the dishwasher
Listens to Test Match Special & PM on radio
Manages the finances (online banking, cashflow projections, online shopping, tax & pension planning)
Despite this makes catastrophic purchases that lose or waste money such as cars, boats, Six Million Dollar Man action figures
Prefers buying in-store branded shopping wherever possible
Watches most news channels, Inspector Morse, Lewis, Endeavour & science fiction & fantasy on TV
100% gardening since made 100% easier due to purchase of Easigrass
90% of cleaning up after the dogs
Made the disastrous decision to purchase Hamish our mad Westie
Interested in astrophysics, intelligence & security, politics
Biased towards selfishness before relenting in shame

Peter & Debbie together (excluding certain private activities naturally…)

Watch Howard’s Way, Knot’s Landing, Just Good Friends & the Grand Tour together on TV
Drinking wine, Ouzo, G&T, cider, sherry, malt whiskey
Eating out although I do most of the eating & Debbie balances this with the drinking
Crying watching romantic films
Watching shows at the local theatre
Watching concerts such as Donny Osmond & the Stranglers (I’ll let you guess who likes which…)
Taking the dogs out for a walk
Climbing Welsh mountains
Deciding & going away together on holidays to Greece, round UK cruise, caravans & cottages
Listening to our vinyl record collection
Visiting family & friends
Enjoying each other’s company & holding hands

Of course this list is post early retirement, as before I’m afraid I contributed even less!  I’m not sure I can see any pattern here either, but as it looks like as we’re heading rapidly to our 27th wedding anniversary together, then this division of labour compromise seems about right for us, so far!



Division of Labour

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