Refreshing the Blog!

OK dear readers, it’s hard to believe how quickly time is passing since I retired and just how long I’ve been keeping this blog going!

Recently I noticed that by uploading so many photos and scanned images I was running out of the 3GB WordPress allowance for their free blogging platform.  Now I’d paid them a small amount to reserve the URL for the blog so when I saw I could upgrade to 6GB of storage and remove ads from the site for £20 a year I took the plunge.

I then took the time to see how easy navigating the blog was for my primary purpose which is to aid me not forgetting things that have happened in my life including friends and family.  I have such a bad memory that I find I do forget and re-reading this blog makes me realise just what adventures Debbie, I & co have had so far!

So if you get the time check out the newly designed side bar obtained by clicking on the menu icon.

At the top are two options, the first to navigate back to the latest post or the home page of  The next is a little ditty about myself, followed by a search bar of the blogs content.  Next is the archive drop down menu that allows you to seethe number of posts made in each month/year since it started and explore that time period’s posts.

Next is the rather cool blog statistics update that tells me at the time of writing this post that I’ve had nearly ten thousand hits since starting the blog, followed by probably the best way to navigate the blog so far which is by category.  This blog design allows hierarchical categories so over time I’ll be able to refine the structure if needed, but so far I’ve chosen the following categories for now:

“diary, family, holiday, politics, retirement, territorial army, university, work” and I’ve gone back through the blogs allocating categories with some multiple allocations where applicable.

Last but not least I’ve highlighted a follow this blog by email option, I was surprised to see that there are 353 people who have done this so far, although by far and away most traffic I get to this site is via Facebook!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new capability, all the best!


Refreshing the Blog!

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