Warning: These Photos May Offend!

Normally I try and space out my posts and having just completed the “haggis” post I would normally have called it a day, however I just received an email from old student friend Gary Hayes who accompanied me on our InterRail holiday which I blogged about previously here.

Sadly he still has in his possession some photos which had remained hidden from view this past 35 years or so but have now come back to haunt me as per my previous post on Grandma’s Perm, only this time in hideous detail!

You have been warned, please put on sunglasses before reading too much further, although I’ll share with you in the first few pictures me looking a bit more normal on a 1983 on a day trip to France, a couple of years after InterRail trip, where I look a bit more “normal”!

1983 Day Trip to France

1983 Nigel Roberts & me with normal hair, as usual smoking
Onboard the Sealink ferry, right to left, forgotten, Simon Pateman, me smoking, Robert Spencer, Richard Glemberg, Nigel Roberts, Mike Pritchard
1983 smoking a King Edward cigar while taking photo.  My favourite saying at the time was “I love it when a plan comes together!”

1981 InterRail Trip – you have been warned!

22nd July 1981 up some mountain near Innsbruck, Austria!
25th July 1981 Hungary – Lake Balaton
25th July 1981 liquid lunch with Doug (Kiwi bloke) & Jo (Cornish girl)…
24th July 1981 trying to get friendly with some Danes left to right me (not smoking but looking like “Doyle” from The Professionals), Vagn, Lene & Kirsten, Gary taking the photo
25th July 1981 at breakfast wishing I had been sleeping in the Danish tent & that Vagn had shared with Gary, mind you with that hair who could blame them…
27th July 1981 I think Mangalia on Romanian Black Sea coast, note the copper Swan Vesta matchbox holder as well as mixing my drinks…
2nd August 1981 Cassis near Marseille, France I think I’m eating something so as to put weight on although that knife looks a little wicked…


1981 open air lunch in France, possibly Cassis
1981 arriving back in London I think, either Limehouse or Bromley by Bow, not sure!
Warning: These Photos May Offend!

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