The Saudi’s are Attacking!

It’s probably true to say that I have an addictive personality, not of the illicit drug kind thank goodness, more aligned to online gaming but not gambling!

Let me explain, I’ve always enjoyed playing on my PlayStation 4 games like The Last of Us or the Nathan Drake Uncharted series, but strangely enough not the online versions.  No for me to enjoy these particular games it’s a solo mission and on the easiest setting so it’s almost like watching an interactive film.

On the other hand, free to play app games, with the option of in game purchases such as Game of War: Fire Age, Mobile Strike or Elvenar only exist online and depend to a large extent on a feeling of community to keep you addicted and of course spending…

Now I stopped playing God of War probably over a year ago at the request of the family who saw me reach for my iPhone or iPad during every waking hour and sometimes in my sleep to keep playing.

One of the advantages of being retired is that I have no time constraints when it comes to playing so at least that avoided the need to buy upgrades or speed ups with real money, but the downside is that you are tending your creations for ever increasing hours of the day and night to avoid shelling out real cash!

Thankfully rumbles of discontent have been muttered online recently about the increasingly greedy demands of the developers of Mobile Strike (& God of War) Machine Zone which is advertised occasionally on TV by none other than Arnold Swarzenegger!

Cover art

Had I wished to take them up on their kind offer for only £99 I too could upgrade my headquarters to level 25!  Not buying the missing elements for upgrade was an impossibility but the straw that broke the camel’s back was an upgrade time of 38,000 days to complete the next level tank…

One of my compatriots on hearing this said he (or she) was also getting fed up of the game’s money grabbing ways and would have left if only they didn’t feel they were letting the alliance down, which is of course the stickiness or loyalty that the game depends on.

That got me thinking, who on earth is rich enough to pay the increasing demands of such games in pursuit of alliance objectives each week, it must be costing them a fortune.  Putting on my virtual deerstalker I teleported to the Control Point or the centre of our world to investigate.

Now my alliance was called P-99 which I think stood for some kind of horse and most of us were level 22 HQ, the previous limit until this week’s upgrade lifting the cap to level 25.  At the centre was clustered averystrong alliance called SULD with bases already at level 24 which I can tell you requires a lot of £’s to achieve within a day or so.

Looking at the member profiles of the alliance suddenly made me realise that this was comprised largely of Saudi nationals and the truth dawned on me, oil money!  Now considering I’m retired now on a relatively small income there is no way I could fight such largesse so I duly teleported back to the hive and reported my findings…

I then thought of all those hours spent playing the game, slowly upgrading with sore finger tips and realised that this was the end, my commander was going to go out in a blaze of glory.

Feeling like Captain Kirk I ordered shields down and teleported to the Control Point again and attacked!  Within a minute my commander was captured, his execution scheduled and thousands of troops hospitalised or killed outright…

With a maniacal smile I resigned from the alliance and left some rich pickings for the Saudi’s and then returned to the real world for a moment as I skipped and jumped up two flights of stairs to the den where I fired up the iMac.

Seconds later my Elvenar character said a last farewell to his alliance, resigned from the shocked community  and signed off for the last time.

Triumphantly I descended the stairs to join my dear wife who was watching her soaps on catch up TV only to me met by the comment “Why don’t you play with your game dear while I finish watching Coronation Street?”




The Saudi’s are Attacking!

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