Houses of Parliament Memories 

Debbie and I just got back home from shopping at Asda when the news came in about the terrorist incident in Westminster, an area I know well from working at one of my favourite clients the Houses of Parliament for many years.

In fact I used to call the underground car park next door on Great College Street my “office” after the 7/7 terrorist attacks when I decided to drive into London for a month or so rather than take the train.

It wasn’t just the HoP I used to visit in Westminster, but the Cabinet Office, DfES, DWP, Home Office, National Offender Service, Metropolitan Police, Office of Government Commerce as well as others, taking the 507 bus & occasional taxi to and fro from Waterloo and walking between the various offices.

Gartner colleagues such as Steven Littlefair, Paul Morrison, Keith Jones, Alastair Johnson, Victoria Farmer, Max Claps, Andrea Di Maio, John Kost, Steve Brown, Eddy Louchart, Ian Topliss amongst many others often accompanying me…

I often used to think that I might experience such an attack, but the closest I came was back in 2001 when police were examining suspicious packages outside the old Home Office building at 102 Petty France.

My thoughts today go out to those affected today, their friends and family.  I hope the early reports that a party of French children were “mown down” prove incorrect and that the perpetrators are all caught or killed as quickly as possible.

Horrific news but we can’t let these people change our way of life.

Houses of Parliament Memories 

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