The Sun Always Shines…

Well to be perfectly honest not always here in Abergavenny but hey, variety is the spice of life and I like rain and cold too in moderation, but today was a glorious sunny day and so after dropping James off at work I parked the Freelander up and made my way to Aldi…

A rather nice bottle of el vino with some bargain priced Manuka honey was purchased and on the way back I popped into the indoor market for a few sticks of Debbie’s favourite rhubarb!  Feeling full of the joys of spring I then collected a small pot of Narcissus flowers “tete a tete” as an early Mother’s Day present for ‘er indoors and headed for home.

Once unpacked and receiving numerous brownie points for the shopping we headed off to Merthyr and the large Asda supermarket where we purchased flowers to lay at the crematorium for Debbie’s parents.  We almost missed the plinths as what looked like brand new flowers were standing in the pots only to realise that these were the artificial ones we’d placed in October last year!

Afterwards we headed to Pant and Popsy’s favourite pub for a quick drink before heading home and taking the dogs for a walk in Castle Meadows.  Well to be fair Hamish walked while Molly bathed in a mud pool then washed herself clean in the river Usk.

A short walk into town to say hello to James then we bumped into a Helen and Andy who’d just returned from a fortnight’s holiday overseas.  Arriving home the post had delivered a package of beautiful flowers for Debbie from the children for her special day tomorrow!

Debbie then proceeded to cook pancakes made out of Gram flour (chickpeas) from her Radiant cookbook which I thought was delicious, savoury to start with guacamole and sweet to finish with honey, yum!

Unfortunately we uncorked el vino watching a saved episode of our favourite ITV quiz show “the Chase” and I seem to have applied to be a contestant- we shall see if I get through the auditions!

In any event you know the old song, ” the sun always shines on TV”…


The Sun Always Shines…

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