Keeping Busy!

Well, after the drama of reliving my punk youth with the Stranglers anything else is going to be a bit of an anticlimax but here goes with the intrepid duo in the week that’s gone by since!

First and foremost Debbie cut my hair short again when we got back home ready for the warmer weather that we’ve been enjoying recently!  Oh yes and Article 50 of Brexit was triggered, not sure which was the most traumatic…

In order to recover my nerves I’ve been reading the third omnibus edition of John Mortimer’s Rumpole of the Bailey in the “snug” accompanied by my ever close companion Molly who seems to enjoy me laughing and joins in!

Molly viewing our Welsh “Grogg” collection in the background while I read Rumpole…

Next we booked another package holiday for June, this time in Menorca as Pefkos in September just seems too far away!  It’s all inclusive and about the same price as Rhodes so we’ll see, but nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say and it’s only a 2 hour flight from Cardiff.

Following that I took Debbie to the community centre in Nelson where she attended Rose’s baby shower for her future first grandchild while I walked back to Paul’s house with Matthew and Thomas to watch a war film called Hacksaw Ridge based on a true WW2 story that blew my mind about the savagery of conflict with Japan.

Only women allowed!

Despite having booked two package holidays in 2017, we’ve decided enough is enough & to do lots of day trips or overnights for the rest of the year so we can either take the dogs with us or let James look after them for one night.  I think we’ll enjoy that more and as an example today (Tuesday) we just dropped James off at work in town first thing and then headed towards Hay on Wye in the Land Rover with the two dogs.

It’s the first time we’ve been there and it’s so picturesque that we’d like to return and maybe even hire a canoe for a few hours to explore the River Wye.  The town is full of bookshops and one caught my eye as we returned to the Freelander as can be seen below.


After spending a penny in Wye (or should I say 20p!) Molly was getting a bit excitable so rather than just go home we detoured back to Brecon and parked up in the canal basin where we go when visiting the theatre there.

The sun was really shining by now and the chap manning the ticket office of Dragonfly boats kept us entertained with stories of his own rescue dog (coincidentally a Westie like Hamish) and we were very tempted to take George and Thelma on a 2 hour picnic in the midweek soon when the weather improves but before it gets too popular.


Nipping into town we stopped off at Dugan’s Patisserie where we had two beautiful cups of Pukka camomile tea (which was so nice we bought some back at Waitrose later) along with two gluten free cakes which the dogs tried their best to beg from at the small outside table.  We were invited inside but with two gruff bags looking for trouble we decided to sit in the sun and watch the world go by.

On the way back from town we passed the old Lansdowne Hotel, now called Ty Helyg, that I used to stay in while based in Brecon with the TA and where Debbie and Alex spent a hilarious night many years ago when he still had a Welsh accent.  The hilarity stemmed from a very noisy toilet in our room that used a macerator as part of its workings that had him in stitches!  The owner of the hotel at the time was a rather large Welsh lady with jet black dyed hair called Pam with her rather careworn husband although my memory is a little hazy…

In a nearby pub I had one drink too many one lunchtime while in the TA and bought an ex-army Series III Land Rover for £500 – those were the days!

Getting back home later we decided these days trips are the way forward! 🙂

Keeping Busy!

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