Overground, Underground

Let me explain…

Today has in fact been more of a reverse of “underground, overground, wombling free” with Debbie & I taking Molly and Hamish up Sugar Loaf for a walk, which I think we all enjoyed looking at these photos!

Sugar Loaf in the background!
Does my tongue look big in this?
Skirrid Fawr looking lovely in the Black mountains…
Molly running back to us with a grass airfield to her left (sans planes thank goodness)

After climbing back down to the car we then went back to Llanfoist for some liquid refreshment.  I know what you’re thinking but no – a healthy juice made of cucumber, spinach, avocado, apples, celery, & lecithin – before we headed off to the Big Pit with a talk about the effect of the industrial revolution on Wales by the 77 year old ex-First Minister of Wales, Rhodri Morgan.

Our first visit to the Big Pit and we’ll return soon to go underground
The National Museum is free to enter and go 300′ underground but £3 to park!
Debs surrounded by lockers in the (men’s) changing room…
Rhodri was very articulate and very passionate about Wales
Merthyr Vale is where Debbie was living most of her life before we met

When the sun shines here in God’s country there really is no better place on earth, so to celebrate Debbie and I finished the day with a swift drink at the Bridge Inn, Llanfoist which under the new management is considerably cheaper to drink at than before.  Result! 🙂

Overground, Underground

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