Walk, Avoid, Eat…


I can’t believe it but another beautiful sunny day in our “escape” prompting Debbie and I to repeat our walk up Sugar Loaf with Hamish and Molly.  In fact we even went higher than yesterday but what’s really special about these walks is seeing the two hounds, off lead, really enjoying themselves in a safe environment.

I love her, she loves me!
The hounds of the Baskervilles!
Following my mistress up Sugar Loaf


After about 90 minutes walk we got back into the Freelander and decided to go for Sunday lunch at the Clytha Arms  where we’d had excellent food before and where Debbie’s parents had celebrated their silver wedding anniversary.

Alas, a good experience this time was sadly wanting and for the first time in many, many years after I tried unsuccessfully to get served by the very rude daughter of the owner, I gave up and decided to take my business back to Abergavenny.


We parked up in town in the small car park next to the Baker Street cinema where we hope to see the new Disney film “Beauty and the Beast” before it’s too late.  On this occasion however we made our way to a pub called the Grofield where we’d enjoyed a really good afternoon the previous year with Emma and James and as before the welcome couldn’t have been friendlier.

A study in pink 😄
Such a great experience we booked a dinner for seven when Emma, Josh, Alex & Emily visit
Debs had goat’s cheese salad, while I chomped on roast beef and Yorkshire pudding!

Another really great day and with Emma arriving late tomorrow from Glasgow and James being at home if we can brave the colder weather forecast we may make another ascent of Sugar Loaf before too long!


Walk, Avoid, Eat…

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