Full House

No, not the card game but a statement of fact as seven adults, 2 dogs, two spiders and a hamster have been occupying our Llanfoist escape in recent days over Easter.  This as a result of recently wed Alex and Emily visiting, along with Emma and Josh who came earlier!

This meant a full drive of black cars resembling somewhat a busy funeral parlour now that James’ Fiesta has also been delivered…

1.4 diesel Zetec- 60 mpg and £30 road tax!
The proud matriarch!

This last picture shows us heading off around 6.45pm towards the Grofield where I had decided to treat Debbie for a night off cooking by booking a table for 7 at 7pm.  Despite walking arm in arm pretty quickly we were a few minutes late, but fortunately our table in the bar area was all set ready for us and a very good meal was had by all, washed down with considerable quantities of Sauvignon blanc, Guinness, Carling, Estrella and guest ale.

For the detailed amongst you we had for starters – risotto, brie, prawn cocktail and mains – Grofield burger, Thai fishcakes, plaice goujons, goat’s cheese!

OMG I thought you said dad was paying…

After a mini third course of deconstructed lemon merengue pie, cheese & biscuits and sticky toffee pudding shared by the two oldest couples we headed off home.  Stopping only briefly (!) to refresh ourselves with some more “Chateaux Usk” at the Bridge before finally reaching back at Chez Shores.

This is where the men separated from the boys and both Josh and I had to call it a night while the more hardy members continued carousing until the early hours…

A very good night out together and hats off to the Grofield for a lovely meal and great experience!

Full House

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