Celebrity Height Twins

I always wanted to be 6 foot plus tall like my younger brother Simon, alas that was not to be and I ended up being a mere 5 foot 8 1/2 inches tall.

Still, that means I tower over Debbie who maxes out at 5 foot 3 1/2 inches and who seems even shorter when going around barefoot like Sandy Shaw!

I thought it might be fun to look at which famous and infamous celebrities share our respective heights and then deduce if any pattern in terms of our respective partner choices exists.  So here goes…


Peter Shores 5′ 8 1/2″


Tony Curtis
Spencer Tracy
Simon Pegg
Olly Murs
Jacky Chan
Antonio Banderas
Keifer Sutherland
Chuck Norris
Bradley Walsh
Peter Sellers
Charles Bronson
Axl Rose
Dirk Bogarde
Jimmy White
Leonard Rossiter

Not so good:

Adolf Hitler
Nigel Farage


Deborah Shores 5′ 3 1/2″


Bo Derek
Queen Elizabeth II
Jane Seymour
Susan George
Deborah Harry
Emma Samms
Hayley Mills
Gladys Knight
Lana Turner
Susana Reid
Betty Grable
Donna Reed

Not so good:

Kay Burley
Letitia Dean


Well, I think we’ll just both be happy being who we are and I don’t think we’ll swap for anyone else, irrespective of height!


Celebrity Height Twins

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