Coed Derw Dau

Or for those not conversant in Welsh translates to Two Oak Wood.  What’s he wittering on about now I can hear you ask?  Well the answer lies back in the original plans we had to move to Wales where we were looking at a property with seven acres of forest attached in Govilon, just outside Abergavenny town and indeed Llanfoist village where we ended up.

Now in retrospect living in Govilon would have been too far out to easily walk into town there were no local shops either.  Also the property itself although impressive needed a lot of work to bring it up to scratch which would have taken all our savings.  The seven acres though truthfully was what really attracted me to the property in the first place.

Now as luck would have it our brand new house here in Llanfoist is larger, more modern and apart from a few niggles (that have got sorted free of charge fairly promptly) has been a far more sensible choice on where to live and the views are spectacular of the surrounding mountains.  As an example of my double standards the small garden at the back has artificial grass to cut down on my maintenance obligations…

That hasn’t stopped me looking however periodically at just on the off chance that an aspiring landowner like myself could find a piece of land suitable for the odd picnic or barbecue in the midst of a serene deciduous forest with my parked up Land Rover 4×4 nearby to look smug in…

About a week ago I spotted Two Oak Wood on the website for sale at Gwehelog just outside Raglan and suitably intrigued I plotted behind the scenes to see if I could persuade Debbie to take a look.  Much to my amazement this morning (perhaps after giving her a good break in Tenby away from the household chores earlier in the week) she agreed and with Molly in tow in the back of the Freelander we made our towards the wood.

The hairpin turn left at Cold Harbour towards Gwehelog was rather extreme and I only just managed it without reversing into the busy main road.  The entrance to the Big Wood was shortly on our right with just enough space to the side of the gated entrance for me to park.

Molly looks quite concerned about going into the woods for some reason…

As the main gate was locked with keys reserved to owners, the three of us squeezed through the fence on the left and we headed down the recently laid hardcore track along an undulating U shape passing on the way swathes of bluebells sheltering under the trees.  After a rather steep descent which would require a 4×4 for sure to navigate we finally found the three and a half acre wood in question.

Dedicated parking spot for the new owner…
…opposite the entrance to Coed Derw Dau

As you can see from the photo below there were two mature oak trees to the left of the entrance with a trimmed path towards them having been recently cut through a swath of brambles.  This is when my heart started to sink and my brain migrated towards a Spock-like logic.

The reason was that I’d “enjoyed” an allotment when living in Thorpe village that had a similar bramble “infestation” which had so exhausted me clearing the site that by the time I finished I never planted anything and gave it up as a bad job!


Now if the central meadow had been ferns, bracken or even grasses then maybe I would have considered it, but for now I think a rather relieved Debbie is counting her blessings that yet another mad idea from her errant husband has been put to bed (for now) 🙂

Sadly I had to be careful that Molly’s paws didn’t get cut on the thorns on the ground
Coed Derw Dau

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