Captain Shores’ Mandolin

I’m in the den today as is usual when writing this blog while watching & listening to the rain fall gently down out of the cloudy skies above Llanfoist.  

It’s got me thinking about our up and coming holiday to Menorca, our first time to the Balearic Islands of Spain and the fact that four of our friends are currently out in Greece visiting Lindos and nearby Pefkos on Rhodes Island.

Its hard to believe that only two years ago the thought of taking overseas holidays in hot climes via a package tour would have abhorred Debbie and I.  I got so wound up about commuting from Heathrow, the queues for security and boarding with their inherent delays for work that sadly I couldn’t associate air travel with leisure.

Now, we can hardly get enough holidays flying from Cardiff and have already booked a return to Pefkos later this year, as well as a week in Kefalonia, one of the Ionian Islands next year, to add to our forthcoming Spanish adventure.

Now of course Kefalonia first came to my attention when I bought the DVD for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin starring one of my favourite actors Nicholas Cage.  The film affected me deeply although I’d never read the book before watching it and I never realised it was based on a true story.  In fact, when researching the island’s history for places to visit I read up quite a lot on the history of the German massacre which in scale (five thousand) was far worse than that depicted in the film.

So I think on this occasion I will rent a car for a few days while there in Skala and visit some of the scenes from the film such as Myrtos beach and Sami harbour town, as well as visit the main memorial for the fallen at the monument of the Acqui Division near Argostoli.

One last anecdote is that while watching Nicholas Cage play the mandolin to Penelope Cruz in the film I bought a badly broken bowlback mandolin with no strings off eBay.  Debbie’s face when I unwrapped this “ornament” for the house (as I claimed) was a picture…

Later I took it to a music shop in Twickenham to be restrung although unfortunately the crack in the body was so severe it couldn’t be too taut and when I tried to play it there were hoots of laughter from SWMBO!

Sadly as time marched on somehow this memento was liberated from our presence to the great landfill in the sky… 🙂

Captain Shores’ Mandolin

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