The Houdini Twins

I’m writing this post in our lounge on Thursday afternoon after being out with Debbie walking the dogs & my legs are aching.  I am exhausted and relieved as believe it or not both dogs decided on following the exploits of Houndini and escaped our clutches separately today…

First we took Molly halfway up Sugar Loaf mountain, then followed up by taking her and her older brother Hamish (who’s eleventh birthday it was) on the long circuit of the Llanfoist canal walk.

The first walk with Molly went smoothly initially and I can remember telling Debs that this was probably my favourite walk and I thought Molly’s too as she was free to run up and down the mountain without getting lost unlike our Deri debacle.

Unfortunately no sooner had I said that she disappeared into some bracken and started chasing a sheep with her not so young lamb.  I immediately sprang to action with her lead and shouted “Molly” at the top of my voice but to no avail as she was hurtling into the distance playing with her quarry which to her eyes must have looked like a pair of Hamish lookalikes.

Debbie although shocked had more presence of mind and shouted “gravy bone” which provoked an immediate response in the mother sheep which immediately started hurtling down a track towards me!  Fortunately there was no collision but as Molly passed me I grabbed her collar and we were reunited!

Lesson learnt she spend the rest of the walk firmly on the lead…

If only you had mint sauce dad…
Clever girl (I mean Debbie)
Trees in blossom on Sugar loaf
Bluebells in the heather

Arriving safely back home albeit a little chastened Debbie extracted Hamish from james who had stayed behind on his day off and proceeded to put him into the back of the Land Rover when his collar slipped!  Like Steve McQueen in “The Great Escape” our Westie scarpered down the road only pausing when SWMBO uttered “gravy bone” again and I managed to grab him and dog handle him into the 4×4.

Shattered we drove the short way to the car park and headed up Blorenge to the canal where I gave Hamish a stern look that didn’t last long, after all it was his birthday! 🙂

Hamish 7 Molly laughing at their “master”
The Houdini Twins

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