I Ate Legend

I’m sure you’ve all seen the rather scary Will Smith film “I Am Legend“?  Well, today I’ve eaten brunch at Abergavenny’s most scary cafe called “Legends“!  Debbie & I sat down at the two-seater (table nine) furthest away from the cashier/waitress but why scary I can hear you ask?

Well it’s not the sheer number of  workmen demolishing plate after plate of fried food from the extensive all day breakfast menu, but the sheer size of the menu options, so let me explain…

“Mini Legend” for £4.50

Obviously for wimps or probably the sensible so I passed and seemed to come with 1 of everything below.

“Large Legend” for £6

This is what I went for which turned out to be 2 sausages, 2 eggs, beans, 2 rashers bacon, tinned tomatoes, hash brown, mushrooms, 2 slices of buttered toast and tea!  It was piping hot, not greasy, freshly cooked and hugely delicious!

Legend” for £8

Rather confusingly this is larger than the “Large Legend” but it’s what our friend Bill Robertson advised he ate whenever he visited Abergavenny and he recommended we try the cafe out.  By the way a Legend breakfast seems to go for three of everything above…

Bill visited our house this week to get Debbie to countersign his passport renewal as she is a retired civil servant.  Debbie hadn’t seen him since their school days over 45 years ago and I enjoyed meeting him too, especially when I found out he spent 8 years in the Royal Navy!

Ultimate Legend for £12

This seems to be a challenge dish along the lines of “Man v. Food” and to complete it you’d have to be both seriously hungry as well as insane.  It comprises pretty much six of everything…

“Before” picture, there is no “after” picture due to blogger censorship
Large Legend – not for the faint hearted – I’d advise ignoring the toast…

Probably the best cooked breakfast yet in Wales, but oh dear, not good for my waistline.  Debbie showed huge restraint by only drinking tea while watching me eat the above.

I’ve just booked 2 tickets to meet Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall who’s visiting the Abergavenny Food Festival on the Friday night of the 15th of September at the Borough theatre.  Hopefully she’ll enjoy his River Cottage talk a lot more than today’s experience!

I Ate Legend

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