“Feeling It” at the Grofield

Apologies to Facebook Friends for a repeat of last nights posts of our visit to the Grofield pub in town, but it was such a good experience I wanted to record it for posterity in my “Escape” blog!  The Grofield is probably our favourite pub in Abergavenny, it’s not on the River Usk like the closer Bridge Inn and has a smaller (but enclosed) beer garden.  They host events frequently and the food is always excellent and so regularly gets very busy.

We follow it on Facebook and that’s where we saw advertised last night’s “Pimms & Prosecco” event with band “Feeling It” on stage from 6.30pm.  Debbie and I left home to walk to Baker Street over Llanfoist bridge around 4.30pm and as the Met Office forecast predicted the weather was warm and dry.  We arrived at the Grofield very ready for a Grolsch lager chaser and went in the beer garden to secure one of the last benches free ready for the music later.

To be honest the garden was packed with happy and boisterous people that looked as if they’d been there quite some time, with lots of young families with toddlers on scooters and babies in prams and a real buzz of excitement.  Then the sun began to shine in anger and it got really quite warm.  I remember being so relaxed & thinking how right we were to move to this really beautiful part of Wales, nearly two years ago in August!

Now where would we be without social media and so Debbie relaxed by trying to see if Alex & Emily in Florence (on honeymoon) and Emma & Josh meeting up in London had posted anything.

“I’m busy Pete, just drink your Grolsch like a good chap!”

Trying to attract her attention I deployed my secret weapon of a bottle of Prosecco which Debbie had taken a like to at Alex & Emily’s wedding with sadly the following result…

“Are you trying to attract my attention husband?”

After 27 years of marriage I have nothing if not patience and in due course the obligatory selfie materialised with the sound stage being assembled in the background.

At last! 🙂

By now it was getting really quite warm and so Debbie and I swapped seats so I was facing the sun which where I took this really beautiful picture of Debbie through the glare of the sun!

My Welsh angel…

Debbie had texted number two son James who was working nearby at the Blue Cross and so he joined us after finishing up for the evening, although judging by his expression I’m not sure he was a “Feeling It” fan necessarily…

“Mum, put the phone away” 
At last the band started playing and they really were very good with a selection of covers of Amy Winehouse and Duffy being particularly good.

Debbie watching lead singer Emily Games

You can see their future gigs here
As the sun got lower in the sky the temperature really started to cool, so much so that when the band went off for a short interval we could only manage another song before we decided to walk home before we froze.  A shame really but I’d talked to the landlord earlier and it was touch and go about cancelling the entire event the day before as the weather forecast then had been quite dicey and the band had offered to cancel with no charge.  We were very glad they had taken the risk!

Son James with his mam – one of my favourite pictures of them walking back home 
A really great evening together, we’re looking forward to the next!

“Feeling It” at the Grofield

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