Close Encounters of the Coincidental Kind

Abergavenny isn’t really all that large, but it still never fails to surprise me how chance encounters happen all the time.  For example Debbie and I were meeting up with Bill today with his partner Pauline for lunch at the Legends cafe where Bill and I planned to have a “legend” breakfast each in a friendly eating competition.

Unfortunately they got stuck on the A465 roadworks which are now going ahead rapidly during the good weather with quite big changes noticeable every day.  As he phoned to say they’d be delayed Debbie and I decided to have a cold beer outside the Farmers Arms which was nearby and had been recommended to us by Bill.

Two “halfs” of Peroni!

Deb sat outside in the shade which was a relief as the sun was quite hot while I ventured inside for the first time.  Much to my surprise Gareth the old landlord at the Bridge Inn was serving having just started a few days before.  We chatted while he tried to pour a Grolsch but he had to give up as it was just foam coming out.  Fortunately there was no such problem with the Peroni substitute!

We’d seen him and his partner Amanda at the Grofield gig some nights before and we wondered whether or not the weather would hold for the BBQ planned there for Saturday evening.  Eventually I rejoined Debbie outside and we took the following picture of the Deri where we’d nearly lost Molly in October last year.

The Deri one of the seven hills surrounding Abergavenny

Eventually our friends arrived and we entered Legends to commence “battle”.  Thankfully Bill decided on the “Large Legend” breakfast and not the larger two options!

Pauline is from Pentrebach and Bill from Merthyr Vale
Note my selection of “diet” coke
Sadly Bill beat me by a rasher of bacon…  Royal Navy 1 Army 0

Feeling rather full but enjoying their company we headed off downtown us to get James a salad from Tesco for his journey to Glasgow that evening via Flybe at Cardiff airport and Bill to get some shorts from Peacocks in view of the sweltering forecast.

After saying farewells we headed back home to pick up Molly & Hamish for their calling dip in the Usk which they seemed to appreciate.  It was while throwing and retrieving her second tennis ball having lost her first to the currents downstream that we had our second coincidence that day when Bertie our Asda fishmonger and collector of tin toys came with his son’s apricot poodle for fun and games in the river too!

It really is a small world here in Abergavenny and compared to the morass of people back in London and the South East, most of whom where nameless despite many years living down there, long may it continue!


Close Encounters of the Coincidental Kind

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