Armchair Sportsman

I’m writing this blog dear readers in the garden at Llanfoist listening to Test Match Special on Radio 5 Live Sports Extra on my little Roberts Sports DAB radio where Sri Lanka are fielding against South Africa.

My great mini-portable and rechargeable digital radio

Rather embarrassingly “de Kock” is at the batting crease and I’m rather glad watching cricket is no longer available on terrestrial TV…

Tuffers” has just come on the commentary and the poor batsman has just been caught out.  Earlier this morning Amazon Prime delivered an autobiography from a past TMS commentator called the Alderman by Brian Johnson, namely Don Mosey, which I’m really looking forward to reading.

Changing sporting activities for the moment Debbie and I are also looking forward to watching the UEFA Champions League football final tonight on YouTube for free, where Juventus is playing Real Madrid at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff!

We dropped off James in town this morning and took Molly for her regular Usk “swimathon” and Hamish his paddle while we looked on before heading to the Coffee Pot and our usual Americano coffees with tasty bacon sandwich on brown bread.

Hamish laughing at…
…his rather damp sister Molly!

Pausing for breath as a batsman is dropped I’ve decided to order a copy of Bill Frindall‘s autobiography for tomorrow who was the original TMS scorer.  Another £2 well spent IMHO.

Molly drying out at home!

Life is tough, or should that be Tuff?!  😅

Armchair Sportsman

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