No, Prime Minister

I’m afraid before I write my blog on the Menorca holiday Debbie and I have just come back from, I must make a comment on the current political environment here in the UK.

Yes, this post’s title is a parody of Yes, Prime Minister, where Jim Hacker is always trying his best to overcome gaffes and errors made, only in real life the consequences are not so funny.

I’ve written before about Prime Minister Theresa May in a tongue in cheek fashion about her husband looking like Arthur Askey, but this last month’s catalogue of woe is breathtaking in comparison with the aforementioned “Hacker“.

Just look at the following list of her recent leadership decisions that’s ruined her credibility:

  • Calling a snap election despite saying she wouldn’t and then reducing her majority just before Brexit negotiations undermining the whole rationale for the U turn
  • Creating a Conservative Party manifesto that alienated core supporters in the electorate angry about the dementia tax, winter fuel payments and pensions
  • Presiding over two terrorist attacks in London & Manchester when as Home Secretary she reduced police numbers
  • Reappointing the dishonourable Michael Gove back into the Cabinet as minister for the environment despite his appalling track record for purely political expediency
  • Appointing Gavin Barwell as her Chief of Staff the ex-minster for housing who sat on a fire safety report on updating building regulations
  • Showing a lack of empathy and a delayed response to the tragedy of the Grenfell tower inferno, with echoes of President Bush’s delayed response to Hurricane Katrina

The latest disaster is a truly shocking indictment about Conservative politicians putting the interests of the few before the needs of the many to pinch Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party strap line.

Reading about individual firms exploiting the social housing needs of some of the poorest in UK society by installing the cheapest flammable cladding to Grenfell & refusing to install sprinklers has made me ashamed to be British.

The fact that greedy people can be allowed to profit from other people’s misery and avoid paying tax or unsecured creditors is shaming for our democracy.  No wonder the Tories are clinging to power in any way they can at the moment and are even supporting her leadership – at least in the short term.

No, Prime Minster – you must go now to allow the people of this once great nation a leader they deserve and give us a fresh start…

No, Prime Minister

One thought on “No, Prime Minister

  1. Her most detestable characteristic is reluctance to face difficult situations that she finds uncomfortable and to deal with them bravely. A snowflake? Yes, I think so.


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