Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I love the Small Faces song called Lazy Sunday which goes a little like this:

A wouldn’t it be nice to get on with me neighbours
But they make it very clear
They’ve got no room for ravers
They stop me from groovin’, they bang on me wall
They doing me crust in, it’s no good at all – ah

Lazy Sunday afternoon
I’ve got no mind to worry
I close my eyes and drift away-a


Truthfully though, two years ago all I would do on a Sunday afternoon would think about my Monday work schedule and often try and make a dent in it in advance to catch up by working into the evening…

Today though I had no such thoughts!  After getting up around eight-ish to feed Molly I rejoined the slumbering Debbie after our rather late night watching the Jacksons at Glastonbury on the box.  Sadly without Michael the acoustics seemed a bit off, possibly due to advancing age but it was still enjoyable.

Eventually we both got up to take her out for her swim in the Usk as Hamish was still asleep upstairs with James who was having a day off from the Blue Cross and Emma was pottering around in her newly reconfigured bedroom.  Note:  just ordered her a new double bed to replace her current single so that she and Josh don’t have to change rooms when he comes up to stay.


Driving the “hippo” with her new Anglo Freelander Club sticker on the rear window over to the free car park at Castle Meadows right next to the entrance we let Molly off the lead and she hurtled towards her favourite place on earth namely the River Usk.


These two photos were taken the previous week during the heatwave inflicted on our return to the UK after Menorca, just when we were looking forward to a cooler clime!

On this occasion we took the tennis ball chucker to give her even more exercise and after around ten swims and an extended walk with her revelling in hiding in the extra long grass and having a breather.

The local fire brigade had three engines out with teams practicing a rescue of people from the river near Llanfoist bridge and after a quick peek we headed back up to the King’s Arms for a refreshing half pint of Moretti – purely to allow extra time for Molly to dry out and have a refreshing bowl of water provided by the helpful barman.

Rather than rush back home with all the windows open in the Freelander to expel the odour of damp dog we decided to go for a quick run to see if we could find where Jonathan and Angela are going to stay at Old Rectory Cottage in The Bryn, a few miles outside Abergavenny later in summer.

Alas we saw a sign first for strawberry PYO and after taking a few wrong turns passing the  Chainbridge Inn (which looked like it was closed for refurbishment) on the way to Usk town, we stopped off at the farm shop just off the B4598 where we bought two punnet of strawberries, one of gooseberries and a small bag of potatoes and a large one of broad bean pods.

Loading up with fresh produce we headed past the Hardwick restaurant and saw the turning for The Bryn a little too late – we’ll explore it properly on another day.  Arriving home to Amazon Logistics trying to deliver our order for Hamish’s food next door, we ate rather a lot of our newly acquired fruit.

Debbie reminded me that her father loved broad beans cooked with bacon, needing no further encouragement I placed my order, ate it and decided to leave Debbie with the two hounds while I did a quick shop in our local Aldi for dinner.

On my return home I proceeded upstairs to put on Radio 5 Live Sports Extra to listen to TMS and the England vs. South Africa T20 cricket match in the den where I’m writing this blog.

Paradise and truly a lazy Sunday afternoon!


Lazy Sunday Afternoon

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