Molly’s “Birthday”

It was a year ago today that myself, Debbie, James, Emma & Hamish drove down to Gatwick in the Galaxy to pick up Molly our rescue golden retriever.  We’d adopted her from the Many Tears rescue centre in Llanelli who’d rescued her from an Irish puppy farm.

Molly had been fostered with Julie who lived near Gatwick awaiting her “forever home” and we found out later that she had been considering adopting her but fortunately for us we were very keen to take her on, hence the rapid deployment down south!

Of course we don’t really know her true birthday, nor how old she really is but officially from now on we will treat today as her third birthday which can’t be far out.  Many people have told us that taking on a rescue dog is very rewarding and all we can say is that we agree wholeheartedly.

Molly is the most affectionate dog we’ve ever had in the family (sorry Tom & Hamish) and I think seeing her transform from a untrusting, terrified and emaciated creature into the happy and contented member of the family we see today is really heartwarming.

So here follows her monthly adventures over the past year as she too has “escaped to Llanfoist”!

May 2016

This is how Molly looked when she first came to Llanelli from Ireland, she was looked after by Chloe one of the volunteers at Many Tears who sent us this photo before she was fostered out…

June 2016

This was us collecting Molly on the 29th June from Julie who lived in Copthorne near Crawley and Gatwick airport.  She had a rather smelly slip lead around her neck for the journey home as we were all terrified she’d escape and we’d not get her back.

July 2016

For the first few weeks we all had to work hard to earn her trust despite inducements such as raw lamb breast and sliced hot dog sausages…

August 2016

Eventually we started to venture out and I had the Freelander fitted with a dog guard supplemented by a rear window guard so that we could lower the window without them escaping.

September 2016

Despite being the larger dog Molly will often curl up and sleep in Hamish’s smaller bed and even worse ours!

October 2016

Eventually we gave up trying to get her to sleep in her cate downstairs and somehow she wheedled her way onto our king sized bed.  Not for long though and we found that she quickly preferred to sleep in her own bed next to us, rather than being disturbed in the night as we tossed and turned!

November 2016

This was her first visit to the seaside at Barry Island and although she only paddled a little in the sea water this must have given her ideas for wallowing in the River Usk later on.

December 2016

Her first Christmas with us dressed as a reindeer, unlike our neighbours Andy and Helen who dressed as Elves…

January 2017

A lady in repose relaxing on our bed while she thought we weren’t looking.

Amazingly I can’t find a photo of her in February 2017, the only missing month!

March 2017

Watching the Rugby with James in her favourite viewing position.

April 2017

A walk up Sugar Loaf mountain licking her lips in anticipation of sheep…

May 2017

A later walk down Sugar Loaf after chasing some sheep hence back on the lead!

June 2017

A classic pose in the River Usk sans tennis ball.  This walk is the highlight of her day and she will nudge my hand and prompt me to where we store the dog leads to try and persuade us to take the Land Rover out and park up at Castle Meadows.

So a year on what does Hamish think of her?  I’m not 100% sure but I do know he gets jealous of affection that we show to Molly but when we try and do the same to him in return his terrier instinct kicks in, but all in all I think he loves his little (or should that be big) sister don’t you Hamish?

Together at Royvon kennels
Molly’s “Birthday”

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