You’re My Favourite!


I’ve just come out of the bath relaxing while reading my newly acquired science fiction library book and was listening to TMS and day two of the first day-night test match against the West Indies, only to find out that Bruce Forsyth or “Brucie” has sadly passed away.

Memories of the Generation Game from the 1970’s flooded back (the “favourite” catch phrase which I replicated with Gartner sales came from Strictly) and the obligatory cuddly toy.  I remember seeing him when visiting the private hospital in Windsor where Debbie was undergoing treatment for tendonitis in 1992.  He was in for respiratory problems we found out later and he looked as if he couldn’t wait to “escape” to his home in nearby Wentworth.

On a happier note overnight I received an email from Joan Baiget to say he and his family was safe after the recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils in the Catalan region of Spain.

Both places are very familiar as in the late 1980’s I used to fly fairly regularly into Barcelona and onto Tarragona where Joan worked in our factory there as the local IT manager.  I took Debbie and the two boys over on one visit staying in Cambrils and let me put this delicately our daughter Emma is potentially half Catalan…

Of course for many years Gartner Symposium in early November necessitated nearly a week of hard work with many clients and prospects in Barcelona after the event grew too large to remain in Cannes.

I always remember sadly in later years that “Las Ramblas” was rather a dangerous place with many thieves operating in the area and so stopped visiting the tourist attraction.  I also made sure I always remained sober late at night when entertaining clients in the marina area night clubs.

Everything changes, but many happy past memories that won’t be forgotten, however I’m sure those mindless terrorists will be…

You’re My Favourite!

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