Dino Spotted In Wales

We have some welcome visitors to Abergavenny in the form of ex-Squad 29 Jonathan “Dino” Lawlor, his wife Angela, grandson Luis and their collie/staffie cross dog Beau. They’re staying in an annexe of the Old Rectory in the Bryn just outside town.

It was Dino’s birthday yesterday so Debbie and I stopped off at Waitrose on the way for a birthday card, bottle of plonk (Malbec) for the celebrant and some flowers for Angela.  After driving to the Bryn we finally worked out which was their drive and picked them up in the Freelander for a celebratory lunch at the Clytha Arms pub nearby, leaving Beau behind as he can bark at other dogs apparently.

After ordering drinks we moved into the restaurant area and ordered a solitary starter for me, with main courses of Welsh black beef with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, boiled new potatoes, cauliflower cheese, ratatouille for Jonners, Ange & I and salmon with samphire and rocket salad for Debbie.

My shellfish starter was delicious (mussels, clams, prawns, langoustine bisque) and meant I didn’t want a pudding, but the rest did & had ice cream with Jonathan tucking into some kind of strudel!

After settling up and feeling rather full we took them into town showing them the leisure centre, Castle Meadows car park and then up the Blorenge and Keeper’s pond to look at the sheep and Foxhunter car park where this photo was taken.

I’d forgotten just how tall Jonathan is!

After enjoying the sun at altitude we decided to return our visitors to the Bryn and while Debbie remained chatting in the annexe Louis took me to see the chickens in the garden and the cattle on the farm next door.

Luis told me they are friendly and quite heavy but alas no eggs!

Promising to meet up on Wednesday perhaps taking them to the Goose and Cuckoo we said our farewells and headed off home.

Update 31st August

Well, we did make it to the Goose and Cuckoo this time with Beau accompanying us.  We had lunch there too with jacket potato and tuna mayonnaise washing down with a pint of bitter and orange and lemonade for yours truly & Luis and ploughman’s for our two visitors and very tasty it was too.

Beau looks departed to get inside

On the way back home passing through the narrow single track roads somehow I got lost and ended up exiting past Llanover stores for the first time, now sure how!  Jonathan noticed my rear exhaust box was wobbling to a quick trip to Abergavenny tyres next day saw an order placed for 2 new front tyres and a replacement box as the old one had rusted through!

Dino Spotted In Wales

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