You Are What You Eat


Although I’m a lot healthier than I was before my “escape” I’m still 14 stone 1 pound at 5′ 8 1/2″ and my ideal weight is probably 2 stone lighter.  Now my non-elasticated size 36 trousers are fitting comfortably now, so I’m not over concerned, but I would like to lose at least a stone without looking gaunt!

Being a retired scientist I’ve decided to monitor what I’m eating and drinking and measuring the calorific content.  Now the days when I used to regularly consume a bottle of wine (and sometime more) are long over, my alcoholic content is now restricted to the occasional pint of beer in a pub, which saves a huge amount of calories.

Sadly my love of a fry-up all-day breakfast is probably my downfall as is the odd bag of crisps and sour sweets but even so I’m surprised not to have lost a bit more weight.  Apparently 2500 calories a day is what maintains your weight while restricting it to 2000 calories will result in the loss of one pound a week!

So here goes, I think it will be interesting reading back at the end of the day just what i’ve consumed, one change I’m going to make is replace numerous cups of coffee and tea with tap water, so we shall see…

Aldi split fruit pot                156

Coffee skimmed milk            20

Salted rice cake x 5              150

Slim a soup                              50

Melba thin                               77

Pot noodle                             366

Fruit bar                                124

Banana                                     80

Nuts and raisins                   100

Ham slice                                 10

Cocao brownie                      159

Popcorn                                    80

Ice gems                                 100

Turkey sandwich                  230

Total day 1                           1702

Update 30th August

Yesterday I went swimming for 45 minutes or so doing ten lengths plus a bit a messing about with a float, but that would have consumed at most 250 calories, but what surprised me the most when reviewing my consumption yesterday was just how frequently I snacked although I successfully kept under the 2000 calorie target!  Helped no doubt by drinking a lot more water than coffee/tea and by thinking before I gorged myself…

I plan to put daily updates of my progress – until I get bored I guess!

Update 31st August

Well yesterday I undershot my 2000 calorie target but the strange thing is I didn’t feel hungry.  Merely the act of thinking about what I eat seems to put a brake on it for some reason, although when we watched the GBBO (minus the adverts on catch up) my tummy rumbled for something sweet!

Aldi split fruit pot                                           137
(rapidly becoming my fave breakfast)

Cafe Nero americano                                       20

4 seafood sticks                                               100

lentil curls                                                          91

1/4 pizza                                                           200

rice cakes x 2                                                     60

wholemeal bap                                               217

mayo                                                                   61

salami slices                                                      92

popcorn                                                            117

banana                                                                95

2 slices brown bread                                      200

salami                                                                  80

mayo                                                                    30

tea                                                                         20

Total day 2                                                      1520

You Are What You Eat

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