Finishing Off Mountain View Estate

The last house on our estate was completed some time ago and the conversion of the show houses back to normal is apace.  Today is the day the tarmacking of the half of Steele Crescent to the rear of our house goes ahead between 10am and 3pm, after the raising of the “iron work”  was completed over the past week.

Road laying machine on Steele Crescent!

A bit of a pain actually as we need to go into town for Emma’s 10.30am appointment and I need to return the Land Rover Freelander from Abergavenny Tyres who are replacing my two front tyres and the rear exhaust box.  A costly experience at £270 but at least it’s  a lot better pricing than Kwikfit!

Also the “courtyard” where the kiddie’s playground is going is slowly being cleared and I can start to hope the estate will be all done and dusted by the end of September.

Two huge skips were removed this week full of building waste leaving a little behind…

Fingers crossed it won’t be long now!

Finishing Off Mountain View Estate

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