The Chase is On (Maybe)


Quite a busy day so far for yours truly, starting with shopping at Waitrose (for the dogs) and then Aldi for the humans…

Just as I was parking up at the latter a London based phone number popped up on my mobile and I answered it.  Much to my surprise a rather posh young lady asked if that was Peter and would I mind answering some questions as part of my application of long ago to appear on the Chase!

She started by asking about my job title of Vice President at my last role before retirement and what it involved as well as my interests of walking and reading.  After explaining that I ran a team of ex-CIO’s at an IT research firm and that I loved walking in the seven hills surrounding Abergavenny I then explained my reading matter at the moment was “Game of Thrones”.

She laughed and asked if it was the same as what appeared on TV and I answered in the positive.  She then asked if I would answer about 10 general knowledge questions as part of the screening  warning me that they would harder than I would encounter on the show and given how I answered I certainly hope so.

From memory these included the following:

What do the initial T in trade union TSSA stand for?  I answered wrongly after a long pause “toolmaker”. [transport]

What colour is the drink grenadine? To which I answered green again wrongly! [red]

What colour is Homer Simpson’s shirt? I answered yellow… [white]

Which other elements like Xenon have an X in their name?  I couldn’t answer! [oxygen]

Which bird does Keats “ode to” name and I guessed nightingale [which was correct]

There where others which I’ve forgotten, but I do remember half way begging for multiple choice questions instead which was politely refused, as was my request to know my final score.

After this I was surprised to hear that they wanted me to appear at a screening interview next Wednesday 13th September at a location TBA in Cardiff.

After selecting an afternoon slot at 2.45pm they rang off explaining a confirmation email would be sent, but not before confirming that Debbie would be welcome to accompany me to the interview waiting just outside.  Further updates as they occur but even getting to this stage is quite exciting!


The Chase is On (Maybe)

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