My Dear Old Thing…

I’ve been listening to Test Match Special (TMS) all summer and it always evokes so many happy memories of summers past.

I’ve just listened to Henry Blofeld‘s (or Blowers as he’s more normally called) last commentary at Lord’s on the third test match of England vs. West Indies.  He really is the last of the old guard (for me) of Brian Johnston, John Arlott, Christopher Martin-Jenkins, , Bill Frindall, Trevor Bailey, Fred Trueman et al.

I’ve loved his descriptions of planes, cranes, birds of all kinds and of course the weather and even the cricket!  I shall miss him loads and I don’t mind admitting that more than one tear came as he handed over to the next commentator after 45 years…

As I write England have just won the Test Match and the series and so we can now look forward to the Ashes series in Australia, but not before Blowers walks round the outfield in his raspberry coloured trousers and lime green jacket to huge applause to end a fantastic broadcasting career.

His Italian third wife Valeria apparently influences his dress sense!

He will be missed by many.


My Dear Old Thing…

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