Now I’m a big fan of Amazon’s Alexa and own the first generation Echo which plays music and radio in the kitchen and occasionally acts as a timer and controls the nearby lamp.  The three 2nd generation Echo Dots spread round the house are in our bedroom, living room and snug.  The bedroom device is largely used for radio, news and a clock.  The living room to turn the lamp and the plug controlling the TV, Bose speaker and BluRay player on and off (but not Sky+ & Vodafone router) while the snug device controls the lamp and plays me TMS on Radio 5 Live Sports Extra!

Now being a retired “gent” funds are not as plentiful as they once were and I can’t justify buying more Echo Dots for the top floor of the house where the two iMacs reside (den and guest bedroom).  Fortunately for my bank account I read the other day about an app called “Reverb” which you can install on iMacs and iPhones that act as a software only Alexa device.

Now there are some limitations as Amazon only allow you to play music through Alexa when there is a hardware device present.  Also the listening for the wake up call “Alexa” is disabled and you have to hold a mouse click on the “blue ring” to activate it’s capability.  This can be a blessing when mischievous Phillip Scofield activates devices with glee across the UK whenever they on his TV program “This Morning

Click, listening, thinking, verbal answer!

Still, it’s free and despite some negative reviews on the app I think it’s great on my 2 iMacs and iPhone 6!


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