You Can’t Get Quicker Than A Fitbit Tracker

Apologies to Kwik Fit for the pun, but the Shores’ family has recently acquired three “Fitbit Flex 2” trackers to monitor walks, swims and indeed sleeps across Emma, Debbie and myself.

These little beauties are encased in a plastic wrist band with Emma’s being black, Debbie’s magenta and I think you’d call mine lilac – but I’m not 100% sure!


To set them up you configure an app on a paired bluetooth iPhone entering your weight, height, sex and numerous goals such as (for me) 10,000 steps daily and the loss of a further 1 1/2 stone in weight.

We shall see…  To be honest I’m more concerned about being fit than losing weight but given the old adage “you can manage what you don’t measure” this seems like a good first step (please forgive  the pun)!

Just as interesting to me though is the monitoring of your night’s sleep, my target was 8 hours and I reached  7 1/2 but with frequent tossing and turning and getting up in the night.  Not as bad as when I was working two years ago but something to “work” on for sure as it was more than I’d realised in retrospect.

The swimming pool in Abergavenny is 25 metres long I discovered, information needed when setting up that function in the app, although by the time the three of us got back from the “long” canal walk with the hounds we’d completed 10,000 steps and decided to go swimming tomorrow.



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 18.57.32

You Can’t Get Quicker Than A Fitbit Tracker

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