LV Stands For Luncheon Vouchers Or…

If I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog recently it’s because Debbie and I were involved in a car accident last week and although we got through it mostly physically unscathed it’s taken time to get over the shock.

One thing that’s made the experience easier was that our insurance company LV= (London Victoria) has been excellent with the Freelander’s total loss figure of £3,600 offered being fair considering I paid £4,000 for it about 2 years ago and so yet another worry taken care of.


In fact although I have a reputation of being a “complainer” lately, when firms get it right then it’s only fair they should be praised too.  After we got back home, thanks to a very friendly ambulance driver & paramedic that happened to be passing the scene of the accident, I called LV explaining what had happened and put in a claim.

They quickly got the facts of the case and offered us an automatic saloon hire car, not just a small hatch back, although truthfully I never drove it after Enterprise delivered it (again normally they just do pick up and drop off of the driver) as I was too shell shocked to drive an unfamiliar car and just wanted to get our Ford Galaxy (stored in our garage) back on the road after a MOT and service.

It reminded me that 2017 has been quite a year for insurance claims following the earlier cancellation of our trip to Pefkos, fully refunded less the excess by the free Nationwide European travel insurance thanks to our FlexAccount.

I had worried that “free” might mean “poor” but this wasn’t the case again.  On both occasions all forms were filled out via the internet and used email which certainly eased the burden, my only gripe was that the travel insurance settled using a cheque as opposed to the car insurance’s bank credit to our current account but a small matter.

So just over a week later I’m back driving again and yesterday we had our first swim and sauna in over a week, plus a visit to Aldi rather than the daily walk across to Waitrose which it has to be said drove up my Fitbit steps nicely.

The accident’s made me much more aware of the road traffic, but I’m thinking of investing in a dash cam as this was almost the first question asked by LV as there were no independent witnesses to the accident…


Just installed by Halford’s Brynmawr!

Ironically having two cars was a bit of a waste (three if you include James’ Fiesta) and my original intention had been to run the Freelander into the ground while storing for probably at least a couple of years the Galaxy on SORN which probably wouldn’t have done it much good.

So in the end I’ve avoided the hassle of maintaining both and selling/scrapping the Land Rover once it became too expensive to keep going although I’ve had to splash out on yet another dog guard and floor mat for the Galaxy.  Now I’m driving a much newer more comfortable vehicle that’s a lot cheaper to run than the 4×4 so as they say, “all’s well that ends well”.

P.S. overnight we won £25 on the National Lottery! 🙂

LV Stands For Luncheon Vouchers Or…

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