It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Call me old fashioned but I love the anticipation of Christmas and as I get older it seems even more special.  Now of course we don’t go mad and put up our Christmas decorations before the 1st of December…  Well the only exception was the first Christmas after Debbie & I got married, when I put them up on mine and James’ joint birthday on the 20th November 1990 in our little end of terrace home in Southcote Avenue Feltham!

I currently writing this blog listening to Bing Crosby singing various Christmas songs on the Echo Dot next to my keyboard in the den.  I wonder what he’d have thought of all this new technology?  I maybe called the “Old Complainer” by SWMBO but Bing’s nickname to his friends was the “Old Groaner” which makes me smile.

I love the Bing Crosby “White Christmas” film and when I sit down and watch it each year it reminds me of my own old army buddies and it brings a tear to my eye without fail every time he sings “What can you do with a general?  Somehow general has a better ring to it than “regional vice president” or indeed “corporal”…


Anyway the title of this blog is a festive song made famous first by Perry Como back in 1951 and here in Abergavenny it really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas!  It helps having two-thirds of the children still living with us, with the eldest Alex and his wife Emily keeping in touch via FaceTime until they come to stay with us on Christmas Day.  With Emma’s boyfriend Josh also making his way to Wales from Suffolk again it looks like we’ll have a full-house!

Of course children now equates to young adults, although I can’t believe James will be thirty in less than two weeks time, counterbalanced nicely by Emma who has already bought at least three advent calendars (including one for her hamster Hugo) and possibly more for the two hounds!

The weather here is rather bright and cold, interspersed with some fantastic Welsh rainstorms, but apart from the regular canal dog walks, swims and sauna, I still get up most week days at 8am to spy on the builder’s progress in the courtyard playground area in front of our house and the estate roads that are finally having tarmac laid around the numerous raised iron works this week.

For me completion of all this will make an excellent early Christmas present and put an end to a rather worrying snooping habit!

Bah humbug indeed! 🙂


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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