Nadolig Llawen

The day started well when I recorded into my Fitbit app my latest weight – which after at least a month of hovering just over 13 stone – finally dipped down to 12 stone 13 3/4 lbs!

Now I haven’t been in the 12’s so to speak since the late 1980’s and I stopped cooking for myself… All I can say is that a combination of healthy vegetarian eating, little or no alcohol and regular exercise is really paying dividends.

Of course with Christmas coming up this might prove challenging but we’ll see and in any event I won’t become a Grinch for sure and in that spirit Debbie, Emma and I went into town this evening to pay a quick visit to James in the Blue Cross and then head off to the town hall for the mayor to switch on the Abergavenny Christmas lights.

It was a very chilly evening but somehow that reinforced the festive spirit and the streets were packed with young kids and their parents jostling to get a good view of the dignitaries and what looked like a family of Father Christmases on bikes joining them!

Lights on was scheduled for 4.30pm which meant it was still quite light as dusk slowly took over and the countdown started. Now unlike Brecon’s switch on there was no celebrity present but it was still a great atmosphere and the lights were probably a lot more impressive if I’m honest.


As the crowd dispersed we headed back down the High Street towards a Welsh language” happy Christmas” sign which reminded me that one day I plan to learn a smidgeon out of respect for this beautiful country I’m lucky enough to call home.

Just to prove that the Christmas spirit extended to the thin blue line I took this rather amusing snap with the full cooperation of the local rozzers!

Book (’em Danno) early!

As we left town we decided to head up the A465 to Brynmawr Asda and complete the Xmas gnome family with the missing elf to complete the two of Mr and Mrs Christmas that will be unveiled on the 1st December when we put the tree(s) up!

The gnome is the one dressed in green in the trolley…
Nadolig Llawen

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