Megaliths of Wales and Other Memories

After a cold and snowy week finally the thaw has set in and very little frozen ice remains on the estate which at peak snow could only be exited on foot. Thank goodness that Waitrose is literally just over the road and that I had a pair of hiking boots to get there to hand!

In the aftermath of the blizzard we now realise that our house is well insulated but that perhaps our flexible plastic guttering needs to be upgraded. We had a piece at the front fall off during the thaw when a huge chunk of snow slid off the roof hitting it to the ground with a loud thunk! Less spectacular was a piece of guttering on the side of the double garage in our garden which sheered off for similar reasons although the pitch of the roof is a lot shallower.

Still no one got hurt and thank goodness we have just under three years of the five year David Wilson new home guarantee – we were lucky – just after we completed on the purchase they dropped it down to two years… Also the snow which is pretty rare here in Llanfoist/Abergavenny, except near the tops of the surrounding mountains, settled quite moist and heavy so fingers crossed when it’s all fixed next week we have no further repeats of the problem which seems to have affected quite a few properties on the estate.

Today was an anniversary for Debs and I, namely 28 years since we met on our blind date in Llanfrynach!  We decided to pop into town first and get local author Chris Barber to inscribe his new book “Megaliths of Wales” at Waterstones. He lives in Blorenge Cottage in Llanfoist on the single track road that winds past the local church up to the canal walk where we exercise ourselves and the dogs!

I have a lot of the books he’s written mainly on the Brecon Beacons and Monmouthshire over the years and I always enjoy his monthly column in the Abergavenny Chronicle on walking the local area, especially the nearby Black Mountains. Being one of the last few Saturdays before Christmas which granted free parking in all the town’s car parks traffic was heavy and I struggled to find a space so we nearly missed his signing which had started at 11am and was due to end at 1pm. Fortunately we arrived at the book shop with a quarter of an hour to go.

The signing seemed to have gone well as he’d run out of his second new book called “The Abergavenny and Merthyr Railway” but he inscribed “Megaliths” and promised to sign the latter for us when it came back in stock if we left our details at the customer service desk.

He was a very nice chap and agreed to have his photo taken with my two “ladies” although I think the request caused him some surprise as he shut his eyes for the photo!

Now the day before we’d gone into Mountain Warehouse opposite and bought Emma a three in one “storm” jacket given the cold biting weather and both Debbie and I realised that it was such a good buy at nearly half price (plus an extra 10% thanks to my Defence Discount Service) that we both invested in new jackets and used them to good effect when we drove over to Llanfrynach to celebrate our 28th year anniversary of meeting there on our blind date dinner at the White Swan.

Sadly the White Swan is closed for refurbishment until spring 2018 although we couldn’t see any activity going on but at least it gave us plenty of opportunity to take the 28 year later pose and allow me to take a snap with Debbie and Emma who came along just over a year later!

Megaliths of Wales and Other Memories

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