As 2017 Draws To A Close…

…”Team Elf” looks back on yet another year gone by!

team elf


The “curse” came back to haunt me in the form of a Donny Osmond concert in Cardiff.  Debbie and I often complain that some bands seem to miss Wales off when announcing their UK tours, no such problems with Donny though…  Still we have a nice night in the Hilton although Manuel serves us breakfast!


The top floor guest bedroom’s dormer window springs a leak necessitating yet another visit by our favourite David Wilson customer teams with roofers and “Storming Norman”!


My fave band from the late seventies tours Cardiff (The Stranglers) although this being my treat we stay at the Travelodge.  Still breakfast was good…

Now there was something else that happened even more important than seeing an old punk band, now what was it?  Ah yes I remember now an unforgettable wedding of Alex and Emily in London, it was a wonderful day and they did all of us proud!


We visit the “Big Pit” and take the underground tour of the mine, great fun and highly recommended to any visitor to this neck of the woods.


Debbie and I become students again and undertake a pub crawl of hostelries in Abergavenny – to be honest I don’t remember much else of what happened but it felt good at the time in the sunshine!


Talking of sunshine Debbie and I took a week off via Thomas Cook staying “all inclusive” in Menorca.  If I’m brutally honest this did our waistlines no good at all but it was great fun especially when we explored a bit on our penultimate day.


I got to see real soldiers parade as the Royal Welsh took advantage of their Freedom of Monmouthshire in Abergavenny.  Debbie thought the goat looked very smart too.


Jonathan and Angela come to visit for a week with grandson Luis and we pay a visit to the Goose and Cuckoo country pub.


After one last blitz at the Abergavenny Food Festival I go vegetarian, cut down on drinking and start to lose weight!


Debbie and I have a near brush with death as the Land Rover gets written off.  Still we’re both OK and the shock wears down after a week or so.  The good news is that the Galaxy came out of storage and actually is a lot more practical and the radio works too…


We see Joanna Lumley turn on the Christmas lights in Brecon and our Town Mayor do the same in Abergavenny.  My vote goes to Joanna!  I celebrate my 58th birthday


We have our first snowfall on the estate since moving here just over two years ago.  Apparently it’s pretty rare for it to settle except at the top of the surrounding mountains so our guttering was a trifle unlucky.

Thank goodness we still have two and a half years to go on our David Wilson guarantee and that I can finally control the central heating via our new Hive thermostats!

So finally in advance of tonight’s celebrations, the Shores’ family wishes you all a Happy New Year, here’s to 2018!




As 2017 Draws To A Close…

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