Long John Peter

What I can hear you exclaim, is the author now writing about pirates?  Sadly for those fans of that particular genre I have to disappoint you, no Long John Silver or Treasure Island here I’m afraid.

No what I’m talking about is my latest purchase from Mountain Warehouse a shop that I seem to be frequenting increasingly during winter.  Now I have to say when it comes to outside clothing historically I’ve been a bit of a brand snob and stuck to makes like Berghaus for jackets or Merrel for walking boots.

However retired beggars can’t be choosers, so when the snow hit us over Christmas I took advantage of my Defence Discount Service membership to get 10% extra off the (never ending it seems) sale at Mountain Warehouse for three own brand very warm fleece lined water and wind proof jackets for Debs’, Emma and I.

Sadly James refuses to buy into my old army motto of “any fool can be uncomfortable” and refuses to join in preferring his T-shirts and unlined anorak which could explain his recent bout of man flu…

Anyway back to the point and even though the snow is a distant memory, when walking the dogs Debbie and I have noticed that the top halves of the body are as warm as toast in the aforementioned jackets but excruciatingly the lower half by comparison can only be described as “freezingly” uncomfortable.

So clutching my 15% January sale discount card obtained with the jackets (sadly not combinable with the veteran 10% discount) I decided to source a pair of long johns from Mountain Warehouse and see if they would cure the potential frost bite of the nether regions.

Now the shop doesn’t call them long johns but “base layer pant” and they come in two flavours very expensive and even more expensive (before discounts) the latter being made of thin but very warm Merino wool designed for the Arctic – as opposed to Abergavenny!  Trying to avoid the fate of Captain Oates – Corporal Shores (retired) also plumped for the matching long sleeve round neck top as well.


The pricing of these garments needs some explanation as on each box it’s printed as being £49.99 which seemed a trifle steep to put it mildly.  Fortunately, stuck under this was a red pricing label with £29.99 showing, with a second immediately under at £24.99. Shades of Del Boy Trotter methinks, but with the additional 15% discount they came to a far more reasonable £21.24 hence me lashing out on both.

Now I’ve read online probably of the BBC business section that Mountain Warehouse had an amazing lead up to Christmas as a result of all this cold weather and dare I postulate it a rather grand pricing discount strategy that I don’t think my old Gartner CEO would agree with however…

Well, after we got back home and I changed into these little wonders before taking Molly and Hamish out for their walk and all I can say is that I was as warm as toast throughout.

Sadly I shared my experience too loudly & I now must part as a result with more of the family “silver” (pun intended) and buy some female variants for Debbie tomorrow!

On the way back we stopped at Llanfoist village hall to see the proposed design and layout of the new Llanfoist foot bridge that will mean that we no longer have to navigate the very narrow and dangerous to be honest footpath running alongside the very busy road bridge across the Usk when walking into town.  When I heard that the cost was a mere £2m of other people’s money I had no hesitation on asking them to get on with it’s construction ready hopefully for next Christmas!

Onwards and upwards…

Long John Peter