Gerry Anderson-itus

Oh dear, my collecting bug since retiring seems to be getting worse…

Let me explain, as a child aged about 5 or so at Christmas 1964/65 (I can’t remember exactly) I received huge plastic models Thunderbird 1 and Thunderbird 5 from my favourite children’s TV show made famous by Gerry Anderson.

In 1993 the BBC bought the rights to this puppet show (Supermarionation Gerry called it) and my own kids were hooked on it so much too that we managed to get a Thunderbirds Tracy Island made by Matchbox, or more accurately Debbie did, which of course was “the” sought after Christmas present that year.

Well in the intervening years all those toys have since departed to the great landfill in the sky (I promise to do a lot better going forward with plastic honest) and so now a retired gentleman about town flush with various pensions and no mortgage I have been assiduously recovering lost treasures from the past.

The first to get reacquired a few years ago now was Tracy Island still mint in it’s original box.  Then came along Stingray‘s Marineville, Captain Scarlet’s Cloudbase, UFO’s Interceptor & Shado Mobile and finally various models of Space 1999’s Eagle from Dinky!

So my life turns full circle, now I’m older and wiser of course the models are largely intact and indeed displayed on the top floor landing of Chez Shores.  Every so often I’ll pick one up and even play with it!  To be honest they give a lot of satisfaction although unfortunately I’m still rather obsessive about completing the collection and buying the DVD’s of the original shows.

I’ll have to sign off now as Debbie is shouting from downstairs.

“Yes m’lady?” I reply…

Thunderbirds Tracy island and various figures my favourite of course being Parker…
Stingray’s Marineville with of course Commander Shore(s) in charge!
Captain Scarlet’s Cloudbase with my wife’s favourite Angel Interceptors
UFO’s moon based Intercepter and earth based Shado Mobile
Various Space 1999 Eagle transporters and freighters
If you only get one DVD set I’d recommend 1970’s live action (not puppet) UFO

Possibly my favourite GA show is in fact UFO filmed in 1970 and showing life on earth supposedly in 1980 when humanity is being invaded by aliens.  It was his first live action show and sadly cancelled after one series and trans-morphed into Space 1999.

Debbie’s favourite character Col. Paul Foster was played by Michael Billington and my own Lt. Gay Ellis for some reason was played Gabrielle Drake, but neither of us can remember why for some reason…



Gerry Anderson-itus