Sharing New Year’s Resolutions

Last night in-between listening to Amazon playlists of New Year party music, being taught to dance the “Twist” by Debs and watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny, the four humans still up in 2018 (James had been ill unfortunately with flu most of the previous day) decided to write down and share our New Year’s resolutions.

So in order of increasing numbers of resolutions here I share them for the whole world to see (and monitor progress)…  There’s nothing like a bit of peer pressure to keep you on you toes nor a blog post to jog your memory!


Become pescatarian
No potatoes (eat healthily)
Workout three times a week
Go abroad with Emma
Go see John & Thomas
Work five hours overtime each week

Comment:  knowing Josh as I do regarding meat I shall attempt to hide the bacon in the fridge this morning…


My family come first
Taking care of myself
Never be selfish
Always remember loved ones
Do things I want to do
Never feel guilty
(This should be first sic) I have the most loving, selfless, wonderful husband anyone could wish for and neither of us are perfect but the love we have for one another will be endless

Comment: I think Deb missed out “practically perfect in every way” as pertains to my good self, but due to a total absence of conceit I will forgive her and of course reciprocate the sentiments!


Get down to twelve stone weight and stay there
Put Deb first always
Keep walking the dogs with Debs but get James to drop us off in Brynmawr and walk back to Llanfoist along the old railway track
Stay the night in a local Youth Hostel with Debs and Emma
Write a blog about Deb’s helicopter ride Xmas present from me
Write a blog about Emma’s glider experience Xmas present over the Brecon Beacons from Debs and I
Make sure Deb’s is proud of her sixtieth birthday party
Help James & Emma to realise their dreams
Play AD&D as Dungeon Master
Watch live test match cricket with Debs and my brother

Comment: Looking forward to crossing them off one by one, key to the first is sticking with being a veggie after my Xmas “break”!


Remain a vegetarian
Climb Pen Y Fan
Go abroad with Josh
Learn to make vegetable gyoza dumplings
Play all the Final Fantasy games
Read 100 books
Keep swimming
Go gliding
Go horse riding again
Play more guitar
Book fairy drops
Give to charity

Comment:  I wonder if I can register as a charity?

So there we have it, 365 days to go to achieve them, wish us all luck!

Signing off as Evenstar level 15 elven thief…

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Sharing New Year’s Resolutions

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

I’m writing this blog in bed next to a sleeping Debbie just gone 11am on January 1st 2016 after a very successful New Year’s Eve celebration.  It’s the first I can remember since leaving my parent’s home 38 years ago where I haven’t woken up with a hangover and probably was the most enjoyable!

We had a great night last night, Alex and Emily arrived just before 8pm in their rented Corsa and we proceeded to unwrapping theirs/ours belated Christmas presents as soon as they had unloaded and settled into the guest bedroom…

Debbie did us proud food-wise with a starter of prawn voluvents followed by us all watching Michael Mcintyre’s “Happy and Glorious” on bluray.

After a good laugh at his antics, especially the story about shoppers in Waitrose, we sat down for a helping of nachos with melted cheese, sour cream and habaneros (which I found rather hotter than I’d remembered) and then played a great game on Emily’s iPhone which you stuck to your forehead and then tried to guess from the others the  name of the famous person, song etc. James gobsmacked me with a virtuoso performance of general knowledge too!

About 11.40pm we then sat down to watch Jools Holland’s “Hootenanny” with guest stars Tom Jones and Paul Weller, both looking a lot older than I’d expected but singing really well. Debbie, James and I celebrated the new year in with a sip of lemonade, a quick outside go of my telescope attempting (and failing) to view the half moon, while Alex and Emily polished off the remains of their Prosecco!  Emma phoned too from Snow’s which was great, she’s had a tough year but has worked so hard at her PGCE and we’re all very proud of her.

Eventually the smell wafting in from the kitchen of chilli, rice, sour cream, dressed salad proved too much and we all sat down again for the third and final course.  Hamish, as is usual when surrounded by food was barking a lot so in the end James put him upstairs in his bedroom to quiet down, fortunately there weren’t too many fireworks close by so he did settle.

2.30am saw the youngsters retire to their beds, while I helped Debbie as best as she would let me clear up the kitchen.  I think we got to bed around 4am eventually,which has to be a record for us!

I think everyone is still sleeping or at the very least tired so with this parting thought “Happy New Year to everyone – I wonder what 2016 will bring”? 😀

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016