The Year began With Lunch…

…is the opening line of one of my favourite books “A Year In Provence” by Peter Mayle.


Although I have never been lucky enough to visit Provence and in particular the areas he describes it is on my bucket list and on hearing the sad news on Radio 4 today of his passing aged 78 I raised a mental glass of vin rouge to my memories of the man and his gentle stories.

I know I’ve always been a Francophile, there’s something about the French raison d’être that I really appreciate, such as a joie de vivre et plus choses.  Well you get my drift…


Peter like me had a big corporate job, albeit in advertising rather than IT, but also grew tired of the pressures & constant air travel and so decided to make a change.

Mind you he “retired” to the life of a full-time writer aged only 35, made the “escape” to France at 50, so he beat by some margin my venture as a recreational blogger who arrived in Llanfoist at 55 three years ago!

I remember the John Thaw TV series based on his book and I have to admit to being one of the rare few who seemed to have enjoyed it at the time and subsequently.

Not as much though as the audio cassette tape set I bought  which I believe was recounted by the author himself.  I listened to it endlessly on the Jaslee, lying down in the extendable double bed in the aft berth, sipping on some St. Emilion and nibbling on some ripe Brie cheese with an occasional piece of torn baguette to accompany them.

Cher Peter, merci beaucoup!


The Year began With Lunch…