Granddaughter Reunited

Back in March 2013 I got a Facebook Messenger from a second cousin I’d never met called Prue Karsenbarg.  It transpired that my great uncle Reginald Hall was her maternal grandfather, husband to Hilda Hall, nee Hart (and later Dewson when she remarried)!

She mentioned that all she had relatively little contact over the years, but had visited her twice in Canada and introduced as her uncle rather than grandfather.  She’d always wondered about him more though and was surprised when she found his diary that Debbie and Alex had transcribed for my 40th birthday through Google!  She’d read references in it to Hilda her grandma and her “showing” in January 1916, when she was obviously pregnant with her mother.

At the time she asked to get in touch and from memory I think I asked Debbie to respond on my behalf, as I’d just been told that my father had been diagnosed with the stomach cancer, that sadly he was eventually to die of nine months later.  Alas we never did get in touch and I’d not used Facebook messenger for some time until recently when up popped a message from Prue again suggesting we get in touch.

We eventually agreed to a call on the 22nd September at 6pm by Messenger where I told her that I would post off to her address in Southsea Hampshire, Reginald’s original diaries, his GPO long service medal which has his name engraved on the curved edge and his East Yorkshire Regiment army cap badge.  I’m sure he would have wanted her to have them.

Rightfully reunited

We had a fascinating talk and I’m very pleased to report the above package arrived safely the next day.  Prue also plans to visit Yorkshire and visit Auntie Dorothy living in the Old Coach House home in Hessle, who is probably the last surviving relative that remembers Reginald well.    She also plans to visit her grandfather’s grave who’s buried with my own grandparents (Charles and Hilda Shores) and his sister Daisy in Western Cemetery in Chanterlands Avenue, Hull.

The Hall family grave
Granddaughter Reunited