Watch (the Perseids) with Mother

Meteor Shower

A rather strange occurrence in Llanfoist tonight, with Debbie, James, Emma and I staring out of the open skylight windows just after 10pm looking up at the night sky.

Now if we could have afforded £20 each we could have joined a local astronomy society in the Brecon Beacons to view the meteor shower that is the Perseids as that is an ideal dark sky.

Still, by looking out of the den windows the roof obscured the street lamps of Steele Crescent which are unfortunately quite bright, although by looking vertically upwards you could see a huge number of stars through the patchy low level clouds.

Personally I’ve never seen the Perseids before and very impressive the transient streaks of light are as particles the size of a grain of sand from a comet hit earth’s atmosphere and burn up brightly as a result.

I always find that when one looks at such natural wonders such as these, it brings you down to earth ironically and makes you remember just how insignificant and transitory we all are.

Makes you think…

Watch (the Perseids) with Mother