SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch


Well the astrophysicist in me is excited as I am watching the SpaceX live YouTube feed of the potential launch of their Falcon Heavy triple rocket configuration.

i think there’s a wind shear problem at Kennedy Space Centre that’s pushed out the countdown towards the end of its three hour launch window but the real time feed has just come on the TV and it looks like the first ever test flight may be going ahead – fingers crossed!

The excitement is palpable at the SpaceX HQ’s and I must admit I share their enthusiasm.  If it works and that’s a big if, it could if man rated in future cost only 10% of NASA’s Space Launch System that they are still to launch to replace the retired Space Shuttle.

T minus 17 minutes with no hold at the moment, filling the second stage LOX tanks at the moment…


Update will be posted after launch or after abort as there is no slack in the launch window…

Debbie and I just watched the launch and landings of the two side rockets and low earth orbit of the payload Elon Musk’s roadster and “starman” driver to the sound of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars”.

Just amazing!

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch