You Can’t Get Quicker Than A Fitbit Tracker

Apologies to Kwik Fit for the pun, but the Shores’ family has recently acquired three “Fitbit Flex 2” trackers to monitor walks, swims and indeed sleeps across Emma, Debbie and myself.

These little beauties are encased in a plastic wrist band with Emma’s being black, Debbie’s magenta and I think you’d call mine lilac – but I’m not 100% sure!


To set them up you configure an app on a paired bluetooth iPhone entering your weight, height, sex and numerous goals such as (for me) 10,000 steps daily and the loss of a further 1 1/2 stone in weight.

We shall see…  To be honest I’m more concerned about being fit than losing weight but given the old adage “you can manage what you don’t measure” this seems like a good first step (please forgive  the pun)!

Just as interesting to me though is the monitoring of your night’s sleep, my target was 8 hours and I reached  7 1/2 but with frequent tossing and turning and getting up in the night.  Not as bad as when I was working two years ago but something to “work” on for sure as it was more than I’d realised in retrospect.

The swimming pool in Abergavenny is 25 metres long I discovered, information needed when setting up that function in the app, although by the time the three of us got back from the “long” canal walk with the hounds we’d completed 10,000 steps and decided to go swimming tomorrow.



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You Can’t Get Quicker Than A Fitbit Tracker

One and a Quarter Pounds…

Well the medicine seems to be working!  I got bored of calorie counting but I’ve increased the frequency of swimming with Emma to maybe three times a week.

Given that the swimming is free the last two times I’ve paid £2.65 for a sauna wristband as Emma £20 a month covers her for both.

How refreshing and I’m building up my lengths (14 today) and the duration in the sauna (2 goes today to break up the lengths) and I’m feeling pretty good to be honest.

Weighing myself today I’ve lost 1.25 pounds which takes me under the 14 stone mark for the first time in years!

All I have to do today is take the dogs for a walk hopefully with Debbie!  😀

One and a Quarter Pounds…

There be Pirates at Blue Cross!


It’s been an interesting day here in Llanfoist with us just getting back from Brynmawr Asda to pick up some vegetarian stuff for Emma who has just gone back to not eating meat on ethical grounds.  Also emergency supplies of breadsticks, rice cakes and melba toast for Debs who can’t find them in Aldi.

This necessitated a drive up the roadworks on the A465 and what a lot of progress they’ve made in the last month or so.  It really will be quite spectacular when they complete it.

Earlier I’d taken Emma swimming where we both completed ten lengths of the Abergavenny leisure centre pool.  Even a few weeks ago that would have been nigh on impossible for me and totally impossible for Emma as she couldn’t swim!

Before these aquatic adventures though Debbie and I had driven into town to support James at the Blue Cross charity event (10,000 steps for pets) and this was the sight that greeted us as we approached the High Street…

Country music accompanying James & Phil
James dressed as a pirate and a singer dressed as a cowboy
Mam supporting James with a big smile
Mam supporting James with Dad’s crisp fiver!
A svelte looking Phil with a touch of the Freddie Mercury?

The event was well supported and the singing duo very good too, I believe the main chap was called Jeremy and the other chap stood in when the former’s wife hurt her foot!

There be Pirates at Blue Cross!

Defence Discount Service


Now I’m not that big on paying for memberships that offer discounts, either they cost too much, or they don’t give me discounts on things that I actually want to buy.

The Defence Discount Service is different though.  It only costs £4.99 and lasts for five years, but to qualify you have to be a serving member of HM armed forces (including reserves) or a veteran, or a MOD civil servant, or a spouse/partner/widow(er) of armed forces personnel and be able to prove it.

I bought mine a few years ago and to be honest didn’t really use it until I retired and moved to Wales.  Much to my surprise it qualifies me to free swimming at our local leisure centre which I’ve used three times now.  It also allows you discount on-line to hotels such as Travelodge (10% discount) and International Hotel Group (30% discount at Holiday Inn including Express) both of which I’ve used recently.

I’ve also used it to get 10% discount at a number of shops while buying clothes for my daughter – New Look and my wife – Bonmarche!  Sadly I’ve yet to get a KFC (10%), Harry Ramsden’s (30%) or YO! Sushi (25%) since joining but you never know!

It really is worthwhile to join and I’ve definitely saved ten times the cost of membership in the last few months alone.

Go for it (if you can)!



Defence Discount Service